Martech Interview with Nick Bennett, Director of Field, Community and Partner Marketing

Businesses have to focus on automation and personalization according to the size of the company. The article explores the stages for assessing these aspects making a difference in the markets.

I think you need to balance automation and personalization. There is time and place for both and it also really depends on the size of your company.

1. What are the pain points Alyce is trying to solve for its customers?
We are trying to create moments for your prospects and customers across the entire buyer’s journey. In a digital & remote-first world everyone is trying to stand out, but how can you take it a step further to really connect human to human with your prospects and customers? We solve for that through gifting and direct mail.

2. Implementing CRMs or redesigning workflows- what is more important from a marketing standpoint?
For me, it’s redesigning workflows. I don’t really touch implementing CRMs and for us, that would be a RevOps thing. If you can redesign workflows to be more effective then it’s a game changer.

3. What are your views on dark social?
Dark social is a real thing as much as people try to say it is not. This new term helps capture other ways someone can learn and discover you beyond word of mouth.

4. Do you believe big data can prove to be one of the biggest game-changers for marketing?
I don’t have a viewpoint on big data currently.

5. What does your marketing tech stack look like?
Pretty simple actually: Alyce (huge piece obviously), Drift, 6sense, Outreach, Marketo, and SFDC.

6. Will AI-powered marketing intelligence be the new normal?
I think it will play a big piece, but you can’t rely solely on AI, to be honest. There still needs to be a human component there especially knowing people buy from people at the end of the day.

7. Do you think MarTech professionals need to draw the line between the marketing activities that can be automated and the tasks that should be automated?

I think you need to balance automation and personalization. There is time and place for both and it also really depends on the size of your company.

Are you a Series A startup or a well-known enterprise giant?

8. What’s your favorite MarTech trend for this year?
Would I be biased to say that I think personalization within gifting is the trend? You need to cut through the noise and I think products like Alyce deliver on that. Also, another huge fan of Mutiny who does website personalization.

9. Now that the buyer’s journey isn’t linear, does that mean the marketing funnel is no longer relevant?
I think the marketing funnel is still relevant, but I think you need to be much more focused on full-funnel activities vs just focusing on getting people into the top because then what? They leak out and you get angry that you have a leaky funnel.

10. What’s your favorite part about working in marketing and working for Alyce?
I love that I get to market to people like me every single day. Being able to make a huge difference as the ICP for our sales team and marketing efforts is huge for me. I am also able to think outside the box and try some really creative things because when you work for a high-growth company like Alyce, you rise above the noise and take it to a whole new level.

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Nick Bennett is the Director of Field, Partner & Community Marketing at Alyce, and an ABM thought leader. He’s a personal branding enthusiast and field marketer who is paving the path for others in the industry as the new era of field marketing 2.0 comes into play more.

Alyce helps sales and marketing teams learn how to create meaningful connections with their prospects, customers, and partners through corporate one-to-one gifts. We call it a Personal Experience Platform. The world’s first.

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