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Martech Stack optimization workbook

Stack optimization

The most essential and optimizing way to rule out all the sores and redefining your martech stack would be to firstly breakout of the legacy technologies. To break it down we need to get rid of the technologies which lie way below our martech stack and is dusted to sheets.  More than anything as a marketer you need to have a stack which will not only leverage your benefits digitally but also gives you a better conversion rate.

In order to remove the bloat from your martech stack, you need to

1) Identify the whole stack:

Make a list of all the software that you use for your technology stack, be it old or new.  This will help you to list down the uses and the latest current use of it. Digging into the software stashes of other departments too helps you in enlisting your ideal martech stack vs what you actually have now. This will give you the best insight and tell you how much bloated your martech stack actually is.

2) Classifying the tools according to Functionality:

Once you have made a collective list of all your tools it is important to understand the functionality of each and every tool is important. In case you do not personally know how to use them then ask an experienced person to help you understand the basic functionality. This will help you to classify your martech stack based on your needs and understanding.

3) Organizing according to priority:

Once you have hit your needs, now is the time to arrange them categorically. You can either make out visual flowcharts or categorize them according to your needs. So you can decide and bunch them up according to your defined category. Be it lead generation, social media, client retention, CRM or sales.

4) Rule out the excess:

Since you have curated the list of all the software yourself it becomes a tad bit difficult to rule them out. Return on investment is the king here. Follow up on the maximum profitable software and rule out the least profitable ones.

5) Replacement: The good old Genie

Once you have sent out a list of your software to the curb, it is time to find out some fresh and latest replacements for it. The best possible way to find out an ideal replacement is to find a new software which clubs together the upgraded requirements of all or at least a couple of your ruled out software.

And viola! Your fit and trimmed up Martech stack is ready!

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