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Turn Off Your Martech To See If It Works

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Jason Burby, the Chief Customer Success Officer at Domo Exec, confronted Which-50 during a recent visit to Sydney. He advised that if you are not getting value out from your marketing technology, then try switching it off and see if you notice a difference. If it changes nothing then leave it and stop buying it. If it impacts your business and how you are making decisions, figure out how to get the value out of it. According to Burby, many companies are using way too many technologies but are not using them correctly and for the right amount of time. This is increasing the focus of companies towards cost and expense.

Meanwhile, the former CEO of ADMA, Jodie Sangster was at an event hosted by Optimizely and shared a classic example. He stated that they invested heavily in a technology, with a vision for what they wanted that technology to do and soon that embedded into the organization. But he felt that the organization either isn’t structured in the right way or doesn’t have the right skillset internally to make that technology really drive the business. Due to this, they had to step back and retrain and restructure their teams to make sure that they have the skillset to drive that technology properly.

Burby also argued that marketers must take a holistic view of their technology stack which works together to deliver a business outcome. According to him, organizational structure is a key but it has to tie to what the goals are. What are the business goals, what are we trying to accomplish, how do we get everyone aligned on those? We need to get a proper answer to all these questions. Out of that can come the organization structure, tools, and daily, weekly or monthly dialogue of the business. Ultimately, in his opinion, it’s not about more data, it’s not about 100 other solutions, it’s getting it together and getting it working to solve a problem.

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