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Mobile Marketing Survival kit for Thanksgiving 2020

You just can't maximize your Thanksgiving Holiday sales without Mobile Marketing. So, Learn how you can make your business happy with our mobile marketing ideas
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November is a big month for businesses. Halloween has already passed so the upcoming festival is… Let me give you some hints, Turkey, family football, and food comas, can you guess now? Yes, it’s Thanksgiving. Before you start looking for a recipe to prepare a turkey meal this Thanksgiving holiday, apply some of Martech Cube’s mobile marketing tips, so that even your business would enjoy this festival with your customers and sales skyrocketing.

You might be thinking, is marketing on Thanksgiving day more important than preparing a Turkey meal? So, if you are a business owner or a marketer, then the answer is Yes! Thanksgiving is a big-spending day, according to Adobe Analytics total sales for Thanksgiving were $4.2 billion. The same report revealed that most of the conversions were from smartphones & tablets, that is 45% of the sales took place on mobile phones.

I think these figures are enough to make you realize how big the opportunity is Thanksgiving and why we should leverage mobile marketing methods to the fullest. Moreover, we should not forget that Thanksgiving is just the start of the holiday season, it is followed by Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and then Christmas and New Year.

If we prepare a full proof and efficient mobile marketing strategy now, we can reap its fruits for the coming days as well, and this will surely add more flavor of happiness to our Thanksgiving meal.

So, Let’s start with top Thanksgiving mobile marketing ideas.

  • Personalization is a Gift

As per Salesforce, 64% of shoppers feel that retailers don’t truly don’t know the buyers or what they want. Without this information, it is tough to have a clear target audience and create products and services that directly relate to your potential customers. With the holiday season here, it’s essential to know what your audience is looking for.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an essential role here, in drafting the mobile marketing strategy. Utilizing technology, data, etc. it’s possible to personalize the customer experience. Also, voice search recognition is also on the rise as 1 out of 5 adult shoppers uses this feature, especially on mobile phones.

More and more companies are implementing chatbots and automatic searches to their strategies so they can better understand their target audience. With such refined interests being searched during Thanksgiving Holiday, it’s imperative that the consumer feels special.

Send personalized wishes to your existing customers, offer personalized products and services to your potential customers, and also gather audience feedback on a personalized approach to make it better.

  •  ‘Free’ is the word

As it’s Thanksgiving, we should not forget to be thankful to our customers,

so to show our gratitude we should send some cute small free gifts to the customers who will purchase using mobile phones. Thanksgiving is also for sharing and giving, so why not share some love with your most loyal customers by giving them some special gift. A gift could be a special promotion, product giveaway, gift vouchers, etc. with some greetings. Choose your gifts as per the spirit of the festival.

Giving away free gifts makes the customer feel good and valued, making them more loyal to your brand.

  • Mobile Apps

A mobile app can play a key role in your Thanksgiving mobile marketing strategy, earning you a permanent place in the smartphones of your customers. You can use this app to send push notifications for product notifications, sales, special offers, and personalized recommendations in the future and for all occasions.

If you have your own mobile application, people can complete their entire purchase seamlessly through your app. In simple terms, you don’t have to convince your shoppers to visit your landing pages or website.

Ensure that your mobile app integrates seamlessly with your other platforms. Ideally, any products a customer adds to their cart through one platform should show up on another and remind them about the best price for the Thanksgiving 2020 festival, and push them towards conversion.

  • Leverage Social Media Marketing

Last but not least mobile marketing idea is to leverage social media marketing. Social media has become the best place to promote and sell your products and services, because of the large number of active audiences and most of them are from smartphones. Companies have gained a lot in the past with the efficient and effective use of social media platforms for holiday marketing, so you cannot risk leaving your social media accounts empty on the Thanksgiving holiday. Think of something out of the box as your social media campaign or at least get some unique idea creatives prepared that are capable enough to grab the attention of the audience so that you can convey the message you want to deliver. Choose your platform as per your target audience, and post creatives accordingly. If you are a product company don’t forget to utilize Instagram Shoppable Posts.


Finishing Lines

In the past 5 years, mobile commerce has skyrocketed in popularity. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic mobile marketing is expected to grow more and remain a key aspect of not only Thanksgiving but all holiday marketing strategies. Now that you have taken steps to make your Thanksgiving happier, you can concentrate on making your Turkey meal.

On Thanksgiving 2020, we would also like to Thank You for being with us as our constant reader/audience. Thank You to each and every one of you for loving and supporting Martech Cube.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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