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MoEngage partners with Microsoft for customer-centric enterprises

customer data platform

MoEngage announces a new collaboration with Microsoft, allowing enterprises to gather insights and run personalized, omnichannel campaigns for different customer segments to boost engagement, retention, and revenue.

With the increasing digital penetration across the globe, the number of Internet users has hit 4.6 billion (source). These billions of consumers have adopted the Internet for shopping, banking, entertainment, health, travel, and education needs. Each unique consumer has multiple preferences and constantly evolving buyer patterns.

So, how can consumer brands and enterprises keep up?

Building a technology stack to engage and retain the modern consumer is not easy. To keep up with their customers, brands need a versatile stack that can scale and evolve with them, support innovation, and accelerate growth. Two critical components of this modern Martech stack are Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and Customer Engagement Platforms (CEP).

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, a consent-enabled CDP, helps brands deliver personalized customer experiences by providing 360-degree views of their customers and AI-driven insights based on unified customer profiles. MoEngage’s Insights-led Engagement platform, a CEP, on the other hand, allows brands to reach their customers across their preferred communication channels at the right moment in their customer journey.

With this collaboration, brands can now use Microsoft to bring together transactional, behavioral, and demographic data to create multi-dimensional customer profiles and export them to MoEngage to engage them with push notifications, emails, text messages (SMS), Whatsapp messages, mobile in-app messages, or website messages.

MoEngage’s AI-engine Sherpa combined with Dynamics 365 serves as the go-to automation integration for enterprises that want to improve their engagement, retention, and revenue metrics.

“With our collaboration, enterprises can transform their business into customer-centric organizations by creating delightful and memorable experiences across multiple touchpoints. We’re happy to add Microsoft into our ever-growing partner ecosystem and are excited about co-creating the modern norms of customer engagement,” says Raviteja Dodda, the CEO and co-founder of MoEngage.

In its continued efforts to accelerate growth for enterprises, MoEngage announced this agreement and two other significant upgrades to their Insights-led Engagement platform – an industry-first Proactive Assistant and Product Recommendations.

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