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Momentive Debuts GetFeedback Integration with Zendesk

The partnership bolsters Zendesk, Inc. customer data with GetFeedback customer feedback to create a more holistic view of the customer journey
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Momentive (Nasdaq: MNTV), a leader in agile experience management and the maker of SurveyMonkey and GetFeedback, today announced the availability of the GetFeedback integration with Zendesk. The long-requested, bi-directional integration combines customer feedback from GetFeedback with Zendesk’s customer data to cover blindspots in customer interactions and create a single source of customer insights for joint customers.

With an ever-increasing amount of customer touchpoints available, customer data is often scattered across software and in silos. Customer experience (CX) professionals need actionable and comprehensive data to create seamless customer interactions. The GetFeedback integration with Zendesk combines the customer data available in both solutions to improve the overall customer experience with closed-loop feedback collection—meaning every GetFeedback and Zendesk user has a more complete picture of the customer journey, and doesn’t have to ask customers to explain and re-explain their organization interactions.

Key features of the GetFeedback and Zendesk integration include:

  • Automatically send surveys after every solved ticket. Customers can send branded CSAT, NPS®, CES, FCR, and VOC surveys after every interaction, personalized with Zendesk customer information without manual effort. They can map GetFeedback customer feedback and historical metrics to organization and customer fields in Zendesk to automatically track complete customer history.
  • Better understand customers with contextual insights. Customers will fuse GetFeedback data with Zendesk’s operational and customer data to measure sentiment and unlock actionable information across channels, segments, agents, and more. The ability to track customer experience over time and across the organization will enable teams to drill down into key drivers of satisfaction.
  • Improve every customer support interaction. With a holistic view of the customer from all touchpoints across GetFeedback and Zendesk, support and service teams can make better-informed decisions and improve customer satisfaction and engagement. For example, they can view responses from GetFeedback surveys within Zendesk and include them in ticket conversations.
  • Empower teams to be informed decision-makers. Customers will see Zendesk ticket data, KPIs, and metrics in GetFeedback for analysis and action. They can also trigger post-response actions like sending a Slack message to the support manager to ensure the right teams have the information they need to take meaningful action.

Recent research shows that more than half (61%) of CX professionals say that real-time customer insights are very important, but only a third (32%) strongly believe their current CX solution is able to meet their needs. The collaboration of Zendesk, a pioneer in understanding and responding to what customers say and do, and Momentive, a leader in capturing how customers think and feel, enables a powerful, holistic approach to simplifying the complexity of customer experience management.

“A GetFeedback integration with Zendesk has been one of our customers’ most-requested features, which makes sense — it’s a natural fit to combine GetFeedback customer feedback data with Zendesk’s customer service data,” said Priya Gill, Vice President of Product Marketing at Momentive. “This bi-directional integration solves the problem of stale data leading to bad decision-making by empowering users of both solutions to take swift action with confidence because they have a holistic view of the customer journey and the most timely data.”

“GetFeedback and Zendesk are complementary solutions that together can provide a comprehensive view of the customer journey and sentiments,” said Tim Sheard, Director, Tech Alliances at Zendesk. “We’re excited for this strategic partnership that allows us to strengthen the customer support ecosystem and offer our mutual users a deeper understanding of their customers to provide exceptional customer experiences with every interaction.”

“In today’s world, where distributed teams are working together to fix customer support issues, being able to source and share feedback immediately is essential,” said Alan Webber, IDC Program Vice President focused on customer experience. “Incorporating feedback is essential to keep costs down and to ensure customers remain brand loyal. This Zendesk and GetFeedback integration does just that.”

To learn more about the GetFeedback and Zendesk integration, please visit the Zendesk Marketplace.

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