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MSIGHTS wins Martech Breakthrough Award

MSIGHTS, a marketing-data-integration service provider wins Martech Breakthrough Award
Martech Breakthrough Award win by MSIGHTS

MSIGHTS, an organization that provides cloud-based marketing-data-integration services to some of the world’s most sophisticated worldwide advertisers, has been recognized for Best Overall Marketing Campaign Management Solution by the 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Awards.

Scott East, the CEO, and co-founder of MSIGHTS, says his company is thrilled to be among the winners of the MarTech Breakthrough Awards, which showcase technologies and organizations that drive innovation and exemplify the best in marketing-technology solutions across the globe.

Awards were given in several categories and the MSIGHTS award was listed under the category of “Marketing Leadership.”

Scott East Thanked to the Tech Breakthrough Awards organization for putting together the MarTech Breakthrough Awards and recognizing standout MarTech companies and products.

MSIGHTS was picked for its award by a panel of judges made up of senior-level marketing, advertising and sales professionals who have personally worked within the MarTech space.

MSIGHTS, established in 2003, helps provide organizations the analysis/reporting-ready data they need so they can concentrate on analysis and decision making, rather than having to assemble that data themselves. Although based in Charlotte, MSIGHTS has increased its global reach by expanding its services to such locations as Singapore, Mexico, and Switzerland.

CEO of MSIGHTS also said that, today’s leading companies are leveraging data more and more to drive their marketing campaign management. And that has been the focus at MSIGHTS, to build a platform that helps marketers plan, analyze, and activate their marketing campaigns with the best data possible. It’s so much more than reporting. It’s about having the right tools, like MSIGHTS Media Planner and Creative Library, to transform the marketer’s data into analysis-ready data sets, designed specifically for campaign decision making.

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