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My Little Salesman Unveils New Corporate Logo

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My Little Salesman, Inc., today unveiled the next evolution of its brand identity, drawing upon its roots dating back to 1958. The logo provides a simple and refined representation of My Little Salesman’s mission statement of “providing tools and services to bring buyers and sellers of heavy equipment, trucks, and trailers together.”

“The mission statement dates back to 1958 and while technology and services may have changed since the company’s founding, our philosophy and goals remain the same today,” says Jason Pierce, President of My Little Salesman.

In addition to offering print advertising opportunities in its Heavy Equipment and Truck & Trailer catalogs, My Little Salesman became a leading online advertising and technology service provider, providing a toolbox of dealer technology solutions from inventory, contact, and lead management systems, to online marketing and social media advertising solutions.

In order to reflect its modern and evolving approach to “bringing buyers and sellers together” and its efforts to facilitate and provide excellent user experience for parties on both ends, the new logo design is simple and clean cut, and will look consistent, scale, and work seamlessly across all print and digital platforms.

While the previous logo emphasized “MLS” and many customers have been referring to My Little Salesman as MLS for decades, the abbreviation MLS is shared with many other organizations. To avoid confusion, the three letters were replaced by the symbolic handshake of a buyer and a seller.

“The handshake is a symbol of honesty, reliability, and trust, which are values My Little Salesman stands for, and has been used in our industry for decades to ‘seal a deal,'” explains Pierce.

The new brand identity will be rolled out to all My Little Salesman publications, communications, and experiences, starting with later this month.

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