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NetWise Data Launches SmartIntent

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Partnership with Bombora enables new solution for identifying interested audiences.

NetWise Data LLC, the industry-leading data and information services company that makes data useful for marketers, today announced a strategic partnership with Bombora, the leading provider of B2B intent data, to power a new solution dubbed SmartIntent for NetWise clients.  The combined data solution appends contact data to target company web traffic to highlight potential buyers directly, allowing marketers to focus activity on the likely people within a business with both the interest and the responsibility to purchase their products. NetWise launched the solution as part of its “Smart” suite of data solutions that help marketers build audiences, identify intent, and target intelligently.

Bombora is the industry leader in B2B intent data, actively tracking more than 3.4 million domains and 25 billion “consumption events” per quarter across more than 5,800 business topics.  “Surge data is incredibly valuable, but can be difficult for marketers to utilize directly…”, said Dwight Gorall, CEO of NetWise “…as part of our mission to make data useful, we crafted SmartIntent to combine contacts with domains so that marketers can initiate intelligently targeted omni-channel campaigns with interested and easily consumed target audiences,” he added.

SmartIntent delivers a flat-file export of audiences that can be leveraged directly or imported into a client’s existing CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, or other outreach engine.  The SmartIntent product can also provide audiences for use in social and programmatic campaigns, and promises to allow marketers to more efficiently drive demand while allowing sales to prioritize accounts to win more business.

“The best insights in the world are only valuable when they’re made actionable,” said Mike Burton, co-founder and SVP Data Sales, Bombora. “SmartIntent helps marketers and sales teams take what Bombora sees across the web and makes it easy to act on the insights, reaching out to the companies that are actually researching a product or service. By making the data easy to export, it’s much easier to pursue target accounts quickly, ensuring efficient efforts and a growing pipeline.”

“With SmartIntent, sales teams can focus their activity and eliminate the ‘who’s interested in us’ guess work; instead spending their outreach time on targets that are already expressing an interest in their solutions,” said Cam Fortin, VP of Product & Marketing for NetWise.  “It allows marketers to engage the right people, with a fresh list of contacts that match your industry, company size, functional area, seniority and other ‘sweet spot’ definitions, while remaining consumable across any channel…email, phone, direct mail, social and custom segments for programmatic marketing can be enhanced with intelligent targeting of interested audiences,” he concluded. The new product is available immediately from NetWise, and comes just on the heels of their recent acquisition of WhoToo, illustrating tremendous momentum in their effort to ‘make data useful’ for business marketing.

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