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Pega rolls out the next-gen digital transformation suite

digital transformation suite for enhanced customer experiences

Pega launches Infinity, a digital transformation package that coalesces robotic automation, CRM, and AI to yield high speed and power

Pegasystems Inc., a renowned software company, announced the launch of its next-gen digital transformation software, Pega Infinity on 4th June 2018. Pega Infinity is a tool that will aid the organizations to speed up the digital transformation so as to surpass customers’ expectations.

It is a one-of-its-kind suite that touches over 1.5 billion consumers and offers a unified system that fuses front-end customers with back-end automation. Several advancements have been made to its customer engagement and DPA abilities so as to unify them and drive digital transformation globally.

The amazing features of Pega Infinity include:

Engage without limits

  • Pega Infinity is powered by AI which allows the companies to empower their marketing campaigns by self-optimizing it. This speed up the one-to-one marketing as AI finds the targeted audience and exposes them to the advertising materials. It leads to higher conversion, fast results, and low operational cost.
  • It offers dynamic and appealing UI that enhances the digital experience.

Automate from end to end

  • Pega Infinity is the first DPA and CRM provider that is integrated with Robotic Automation. Furthermore, the user license will be inclusive of Pega Workforce Intelligence.
  • The Pega clients can access a colossal library that contains bots that save time in performing common tasks.
  • The suite comes with a virtual assistant for e-mail thereby making email-centric workflows seamless.

Build for Change

  • Pega Infinity is built-in with blockchain kit that contains DPC (downloadable proof of concept) templates.
  • Its drag and drop integration facilitate the customers to connect Pega apps to other data sources, systems, services etc, just by dragging and leaving the data in the desired location. Thus, you don’t need connectors for the same. The robotic automation is also treated as a connector.
  • It is integrated with UI testing
  • The suite is inclusive of Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud, a cloud-based app optimization system that is powered by AI. It enhances the health of the apps.
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