Marketing Analytics, Performance & Attribution launches campaign360, the industry’s only AI-based solution

big data marketing, creators of the only Revenue Intelligence System powered by AI, today announced Campaign360, a new solution that delivers insight into the efficacy of any marketing campaign. Campaign360 will help drive pipeline, ensure alignment and accountability of lead follow-up with sales teams, and automatically attribute all sales effort and opportunities to the originating marketing efforts.

Marketers have always been faced with three key challenges in measuring the success of their marketing activities:

  • Understanding how marketing activities are impacting engagement further down the funnel
  • Aligning with sales teams to ensure high quality and expensive leads are actually being engaged after the hand-off to sales
  • Ensuring alignment with sales around pipeline that was opened (and potentially won) as a result of marketing activities

Campaign360 solves all of these issues by marrying sales activity with marketing campaign data, showing users exactly which marketing leads and contacts sales is or isn’t engaging with and exactly what actions they are taking to maximize win rate, and, subsequently campaign ROI.

And this all happens automatically, without either marketing or sales teams doing a thing.

“Marketers are constantly debating with Sales about attribution and sourcing. They need to look for something that offers full visibility into which campaigns are driving opportunities and which opportunities are driving the success of campaigns,” said Terry Flaherty, Senior Research Director, Demand Marketing at SiriusDecisions. “Campaign360 will enable sales and marketing teams to accelerate revenue generation inside their enterprises.”

With this AI-based capability, Campaign360 gives marketers 100 percent visibility into sales engagement with campaign members and tracks whether or not Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) or Account Executives (AEs) are taking action with the leads and pipeline that marketing generates.’s Campaign360 enables enterprises to:

  • Prove the value of marketing campaigns by getting the FULL picture of all opportunities (deals) influenced or generated by marketing activities
  • Get more money from every marketing dollar by identifying highly qualified, but dropped business opportunities
  • Recover 20-30% of marketing pipeline that’s being wasted today in a typical enterprise
  • Have real-time visibility into how effective your marketing campaigns are further down the funnel, allowing you to iterate quickly on late-stage marketing activities
  • Align your sales and marketing teams, enabling total transparency and accountability by shining light on the gaps in your GTM funnel
  • Achieve absolute clarity when attributing pipeline to marketing, channel or sales prospecting

“The impact of Campaign360 on marketers cannot be underestimated. As marketers, we are constantly searching for the ‘holy grail’ that directly shows the impact and ROI of marketing activities. Marketers are also trying desperately to get aligned with sales so they can truly understand what happens to the leads they generate. Marketers have invested millions in MarTech and it’s failed to deliver this type of insight. I’ve faced this challenge for years, and I am proud to be a part of the company that is bringing this solution to market,” said Dayle Hall, chief marketing officer at “This is the solution that marketers have been searching for.”

“In every enterprise, every marketing and sales executive I talk to is serious about better aligning their sales and marketing teams. Furthermore, pretty much every CMO or CEO I meet has anecdotes about marketing pipeline that’s being lost. is the solution. Campaign360 lets you learn which campaigns are most influential for your target accounts and highlights any high-value leads that are being dropped,” said Oleg Rogynskyy, founder and chief executive officer at “By simply delivering insights to the marketing and sales teams, in real time, the ROI of every campaign is exponentially increased. This is a revolutionary product for sales and marketing alignment.”

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