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Petal Ads showcases on-device marketing as mobile ad evolution

Petal Ads welcomes partnerships with brands willing to enter the Chinese market or reach Chinese consumers on international travel
Petal Ads

Petal Ads (formerly HUAWEI Ads), an industry-leading mobile advertising ecosystem, calls on brand advertisers to embrace customised on-device all-scenario ad solutions to reach out to audiences across borders and help European advertisers enter the Chinese market. During a special masterclass at this year’s OMR Festival, Petal Ads presented on-device marketing as the next evolution in international mobile advertising.

“We believe that an on-device all-scenario ad solution is a huge opportunity to connect people and businesses across the globe,” said Jaime Gonzalo, VP Huawei Mobile Services Europe.

Embracing the future of mobile advertising

On-device marketing is an Ads-as-a-service (AaaS) that is user-centric, interconnected and creates real-time touch points for effective outreach to audiences globally. It creates more immersive touch points to help users make better decisions, with a multi-modal approach, such as voice, visual, virtual or mixed reality, and scenario-based design.

Petal Ads is well-placed in deploying on-device marketing thanks to over 1 billion devices in the market. The platform also taps into an extensive coverage of Huawei devices in China with a market-leading active user base at 25%, and 47.4% market share in foldable devices. This, combined with Petal Ads’ first-party data, leads the way in engaging both global and high-value Huawei audiences, connecting advertisers to international and Chinese markets.

Petal Ads also connects third-party publishers, which further enhances the DMP (Data Management Platform) solution for advertisers to make real-time connections with Android users beyond the Huawei platforms.

“Smart on-device advertising is becoming a vital element in the mobile marketing landscape,” shared Elvin Altun Noyan, Germany Country Director from Mobile Marketing Association. “As data continues to shape the future of advertising, we recognise the importance to build platforms that help users make more intelligent decisions.”

Petal Ads as a gateway to international markets

Petal Ads provides advertisers with a gateway to international markets including China. The platform offers customised initiatives to advertisers to take advantage of seasonal or locally specific campaigns, such as Black Friday etc.

Petal Ads is also planning to expand the “Global Business Growth Ads Suite” to provide premium brand partners with a more customized advertising experience. This includes increased media slots, brand cooperation, and local market consultancy, especially in China.

“As a device manufacturer and mobile ad platform, we’re in a unique position to offer tailored solutions. We welcome brands wanting to reach audiences in China and across borders,” Gonzalo concluded.

Petal Ads Continues Remarkable Growth

Petal Ads has been growing steadily since 2020. The platform has witnessed a 9-fold growth in its advertiser network, reaching over 730 million monthly active users globally in 170 countries. Petal Ads has partnered with more than 60 certified agencies and brands globally including Avow, MMA, El Corte Ingles, among others.

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