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PFL Reverses Waning B2B Sales and Marketing Response Rates


New super-enterprise clients, new capital investments to further spur future growth

PFL, a leading marketing technology company that is pioneering the growth of the new category known as “Tactile Marketing Automation” (TMA), today announced new capital expenditures focused on expanding capabilities and global footprint for current and future clients.

Marketers today are challenged from all sides: accountability, performance, and organizational alignment. Compounding this assault on marketing, traditional digital tactics face lower average response metrics than during any time in history, and they’re on the decline. In the last seven years email response rates dropped by 50%, and display ads hover significantly below 1%.

Tactile Marketing Automation changes this paradigm. When Tactile Marketing is orchestrated with other channels, it becomes a force multiplier, delivering a 40% increase in average response and up to 139X return on investment for PFL delivered messages. PFL technology enables full-spectrum marketing, with orchestrated one-to-one personalized print and dimensional assets that are triggered components of marketing automation and account-based marketing programs.

“Some digital channels take repeated impressions and persistence but Tactile Marketing cuts through the noise and creates attention and response,” said Jon Miller, Founder and CEO at Engagio. “I’ve seen a lot of innovation in the martech world and believe orchestrated approaches that include tactile marketing outperform digital only approaches.”

Validating these game-changing results, PFL has recently secured new enterprise relationships with leaders like Salesforce, Google Apigee, and Marketo.

“The pace of growth for PFL has been tremendous, but only because we strive to stay a step ahead of the change that Sales and Marketing professionals face each day,” notes Andrew Field, PFL Founder and CEO. “Our vision is to create a competitive advantage for our clients, a new capability to help them interact with and reach the consideration of today’s busy and evasive buyer.”

With this demonstrated fit at serving sales and marketing organizations, PFL is announcing four key investment initiatives to accelerate client acquisition and delivered value:

  1. New 55,000 square foot production facility located in the United States – in addition to sheer scale to accommodate the growing business, this will house the industry’s state of the art production and fulfillment equipment and eliminate any middleman handling relationships.
  2. New European distribution facility located in the Netherlands – PFL is scaling its capabilities to match the sudden demand for direct mail resulting from new GDPR regulations regarding digital marketing privacy. This distribution facility will help sales and marketing leaders around the world, enabling a compliant means to reach target audiences, no matter where they call home.
  3. Operations and production innovation – PFL is amplifying and differentiating the value delivered to customers, from process to technology. These investments will further scale truly personalized, unit of one, production with 0% error tolerance. This attention to detail means tactile marketing assets that are unsurpassed in their impact, complexity, and brand adherence.
  4. Technology integrations – PFL is announcing a large and growing list of partner platforms, including recent integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle and Engagio. These investments will further expand the ability of clients to trigger and orchestrate high-value tactile marketing assets.

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