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Quorum Acquires Capitol Canary

Quorum, the market leader in public affairs software, today announces it has acquired Capitol Canary, the leading grassroots advocacy platform trusted by 1200 organizations including 25% of the Fortune 100. This results in the creation of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced public affairs software platform to date.

By combining Quorum’s suite of eight integrated products with Capitol Canary’s proven grassroots mobilization and digital advocacy tools, Quorum will solidify its leadership in the government and public affairs industry. With this acquisition, Quorum will serve over 2,000 clients, more than 50% of the Fortune 100, and will have 336 team members committed to providing a premium and integrated customer experience to public affairs professionals.

“Consumers and employees are pushing organizations they work with to take a stand on key issues — it’s no longer ok to sit on the sidelines of policy,” said Alex Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Quorum. “With the addition of Capitol Canary, Quorum is better positioned to solve your needs — whether you’re trying to track legislation, mobilize your supporters, manage your PAC, or connect with reporters.”

In 2021, Capitol Canary customers launched more than 14,500 digital advocacy campaigns where more than 15.6 million advocates took roughly 25 million actions. In 2020, Capitol Canary acquired policymaker contact provider KnowWho, and GovPredict, a tool for federal, state, and local intelligence. Capitol Canary co-founder and President Jeb Ory will join Quorum’s Board of Directors. Ory co-founded Capitol Canary, then known as Phone2Action, with Ximena Hartsock in 2013.

“Capitol Canary and Quorum have been instrumental in creating the market for public affairs and digital advocacy and it makes strategic sense to bring our two companies together,” said Ory. ““Both companies share an intense commitment to listening to – and building solutions for – our customers. By joining forces with Quorum we will bring even more capabilities to our clients and the public affairs market.”

The acquisition of Capitol Canary follows a year of significant growth for Quorum. In December 2021, Quorum acquired CisionPAC as part of its plan to build the future of PAC management software, with a new Quorum PAC product launching in Q4 2022. Just last month, Quorum released its latest product — Quorum Communications — to help policy communications professionals get their message to the legislative floor and the press at the same time.

“Quorum now unequivocally provides the best products in the market — and we aren’t stopping our innovation,” said Jonathan Marks, co-founder and CTO of Quorum. “While others in the market slow down innovation when they acquire a product, we’re digging deeper and doubling our investment in R&D.”

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