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Sales Enablement Leader Regalix Announces 24/7 Customer Support

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Regalix, a global leader in Revenue Operations and Sales Enablement, today announced the availability of 24/7 on-demand customer support agents for e-commerce and retails businesses as they start to prepare for the busy upcoming holiday season and beyond.

With a proven framework, process and track record of providing timely and unparalleled customer support to F500 enterprises resulting in a CSAT of 95%+, Regalix’s Flexible Customer Support solutions leverages a virtually distributed talent pool of agents that are fluent in over eighteen languages, which means no language barrier or cultural differences when communicating to consumers.

Using best-in-class omnichannel communication technologies, customer support agents are available around the clock 24/7, across multiple time zones to handle first response queries, technical support, complaint resolutions, and more, delivering high-quality customer support and care to consumers from the first contact.

“Several F500 and high-growth companies have been outsourcing their revenue operations program to Regalix for many years”, said Vikas Sharan, CEO of Regalix. “Our Flexible CS solution will provide companies the timely seasonal support needed to accelerate revenue at scale by leveraging our virtually distributed team of CS agents combined with our proven RevOps framework that delivers winning outcomes across the entire CX journey.”

The launch of Regalix’s Flexible Customer Support Agents is timely as many e-commerce and retail businesses are preparing to scale their CS teams for the upcoming holiday season.  With COVID-19 forcing many retailers to furlough or lay off their internal CS teams, Regalix provides a cost-effective, flexible and scalable CS solution based on what businesses require.  Once the end of the seasonal spike, during business as usual times, business owners can also have peace of mind knowing that Regalix’s Flexible Customer Support solutions can scale as needed to keep up with demand in 2021.

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