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Sales Engagement Platform SalesLoft Partners With 6sense

Marketing and sales technology leaders integrate to improve account-based prospecting
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SalesLoft, the leading provider of the most complete Sales Engagement platform, today announced a partnership with 6sense, a leader in account-based sales and marketing platforms.

6sense helps customers understand prospective buyer behavior, orchestrate multi-channel experiences across the buyer’s journey, and gain insights on the challenges these buyers are trying to solve. By integrating with SalesLoft, sellers can use these insights to prioritize which accounts to engage and personalize communications based on buyer interest. Sellers can extract these insights from 6sense directly in their CRM, and then add key buyers into the appropriate SalesLoft Cadence.

“Sellers must provide value to their customers, and to do this they have to really understand what problems their customers are trying to solve and where they are in the buying journey. The 6Sense and SalesLoft integration arms sellers with the account data and insights they need to engage the right buyers with the right message at exactly the right time,” said Latané Conant, CMO, 6sense.

One of SalesLoft’s first customers to benefit from this technology integration with 6sense is the business development team at 6sense.

“The challenging thing about being a Business Development Rep (BDR) is understanding which accounts to reach out to, when to reach out, and what they care most about. We can spend hours researching an account and prepping for calls only to fall flat,” said Ernest Owusu, BDR Leader for 6sense. “With 6sense we have a deep understanding of what our prospective customers are searching for and where they are on the buying journey, and that informs how and when we talk to them. With the combination of 6sense and SalesLoft, our BDRs are reaching out with timely, relevant messaging – and consistently outperforming industry benchmarks of pipeline per rep by 200% or more every month.”

SalesLoft continues to expand its ecosystem of technology partners; with over 90 technology integration partnerships that help customers achieve more from their workflows. SalesLoft works seamlessly with leading account-based platforms such as 6sense, ensuring that Marketing and Sales are aligned throughout the sales process while increasing the potential for deals to close.

“I’m a passionate believer in account-based strategies. The key to executing them effectively is to ensure marketing and sales are aligned,” said Sydney Sloan, CMO of SalesLoft. “Targeting the right accounts and understanding the buying signals through 6sense, and then personalizing outbound communications to those accounts through SalesLoft is a very powerful combination.”

SalesLoft is the only complete Sales Engagement platform. It helps companies build pipeline, manage active deals, and engage customers. Revenue teams can execute account-based strategies, coach more effectively, and get the reporting and analytics they need to exceed their goals.

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