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SearchUnify Announces Mamba ’23

A new dawn of personalization is here

SearchUnify, a recognized unified cognitive platform, announced the general availability of its latest release—Mamba ’23—from November 15, 2022. The release embodies SearchUnify’s commitment to amplifying customer support and self-service capabilities with a slew of nifty enhancements.

Machine learning (ML) algorithms have been a game changer for over a decade now. SearchUnify also leverages intricate ML techniques like NER, ANN, and contextual embedding among others to deliver highly robust support and self-service performance.

But have you ever wondered how these models are trained to recognize patterns? And what happens behind the scenes? If yes, then Mamba ’23 makes it possible. It offers more visibility into SearchUnify’s ML framework and how it works to push more precise results. Yeah, these aren’t just tall claims, SearchUnify is rolling out big-ticket features that will allow admins to test the impact of their proprietary machine-learning algorithms.

“Massive advancements in technology have empowered businesses to move beyond the outmoded and impersonalized customer experiences. Mamba ’23 invigorates customer and employee experience with functional and cosmetic enhancements. But there’s more,” says Vishal Sharma, CTO of SearchUnify.

“We’re pulling up the curtains on the ML framework. Customers can now witness what goes under the hood of ML algorithms to deliver relevant results. We’re also introducing an ML workbench for rich snippets and document annotation,” he added.

Relevance, speed, and personalization are the essence of customer service. However, many organizations still flounder to match customer expectations. Mamba ’23 facilitates it.

Here’s what Alok Ramsisaria, CEO of Grazitti Interactive, SearchUnify’s parent company, said while talking about the vision of the release, “Brands today are contending to attain the apex position. And a surefire way to trailblaze this competitive market is by delivering unmatched CX. SearchUnify can help with that.”

“With this release, our platform is taking a substantial leap in terms of performance and functionality. To begin with, we’re going closer to making personalization more personal. Additionally, Mamba ’23 has a myriad of new features that will not only gratify users but also help derive more value without technical complexity,” he added.

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