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Sercanto achieves significant milestones with Email API Solution

Netcore Cloud contributed to a 33% increase in open rate using Netcore Cloud's Email API and has successfully enabled the brand to reach 95% of its Gmail audience

Vertical search engine for job ads, Sercanto, recently witnessed an astounding 33% increase in their open rate after migrating to Email API by Netcore Cloud from traditional email marketing. Other key achievements are an increased inboxing rate from 75 to 90% and the ability to reach 95% of their Gmail audience. Following this implementation, the company also saw its revenues bear the positive impact of this integration.

Italy-based Sercanto primarily focuses on job ads from more than 30 countries through its vast and dynamic inventory and connections. Email has been one of its primary channels of communication with its discerning & ever-growing user base. Gmail users represented 95% of their overall database. However, the company had been consistently facing the challenge of low inbox placement rates as their emails were getting delivered into spam, rendering these consumers unreachable to the brand. To tackle these issues and effectively increase quality user engagement, the company onboarded Email Pioneer, Netcore Cloud, for its Email API expertise.

Abithab Bhaskar, CEO – International Business at Netcore Cloud said, “Every inbox is crowded today. We receive more emails than we can read. Apart from blazing fast email delivery, Netcore’s Email API leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximize efficiency. Therefore, it ensures your emails are landing at the top of inboxes at the right time through Send Time Optimization.”

He further adds, “Using our AI capabilities, Sercato has successfully increased its probability of engagement and gaining users’ attention at the moment when the consumers are most attentive to their emails. This has resulted in our joint success. We look forward to continuing to empower the brand to create more engaging and immersive experiences in the days to come.”

Reasserting this success Gianni Succu, Head of Email & Push Notification Marketing said, “Sercanto’s relationship with Netcore Cloud was full of pleasant surprises and the highs were very satisfying. Our inbox placement rates went up and stayed consistent, leading to an increase in revenue. As we appreciate the expertise and synergy of the Netcore team that handles our requirements, we recommend that other businesses try the Netcore experience.”

Netcore’s Email API has been seeing growing popularity among leading brands in the last few years. Major brands, including Jack & Jones, Crocs, ONLY, Vero Moda, Woodland, and William Penn, have been actively using this platform and benefit from it.

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