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Strategic IC to showcase New Buyer Intent Data Service for ABM

SaaStr Europa 2019 will be held in Paris 12-13 June 2019
Strategic IC to showcase New Buyer Intent Data Service for ABM

Strategic IC, the B2B Inbound & Account-Based Marketing Agency, will be showcasing its new SaaS Buyer Intent Data for ABM suite of services at SaaStr Europa 2019, Europe’s largest SaaS event bringing together more than 2,500 executives, founders, and VCs.

The SaaS Buyer Intent-Data for ABM service is a robust suite of technology and consultancy services that enables SaaS organisations to identify, monitor and engage enterprise accounts that are actively in-market for your products and services. This unique insight provides SaaS sales and marketing teams with invaluable intelligence on not only which accounts to target but also at which stage each one is at in the buyer journey.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new SaaS Buyer Intent Data for ABM service to the SaaS community to enhance our Inbound and Account-Based Marketing offering,” explains Alex Embling, CEO of Strategic IC. “Now by leveraging Buyer Intent Data, SaaS companies targeting B2B enterprise sales can quickly identify and engage target accounts actively in-market for their products and services, thus accelerating lead generation and revenue growth.”

The Strategic IC Buyer Intent Data for ABM service offers SaaS sales and marketing teams with a unique growth solution to:

  • Enhance your ABM strategy to identify your total addressable market – not just the enterprise accounts you are targeting
  • Obtain a live view of B2B enterprises which have been actively researching a technology purchase in the last 30 days
  • Develop keyword strategies to uncover early, mid and late-stage buyers
  • Launch multichannel marketing campaigns into accounts with a higher propensity to purchase
  • Deploy targeted campaigns to individual buyer devices via programmatic advertising
  • Provide sales teams with unique insight into which accounts to target that are actively searching for your products and services
  • Focus sales and marketing investment for maximum ROI

“With Lead Velocity Rate (LVR) playing such an important role in predicting SaaS success, building a strong lead pipeline of accounts that are actively in-market for your services is key,” states Fes Askari, Strategic IC Director of Sales & Strategic Accounts, “Intent data uncovers your total addressable market and shines a light on those buyers that are at the early, mid and late-stage of their buying journey, allowing you to engage, influence and, ultimately, convert quicker.”

Join Us for a Braindate

We’ll be hosting a number of Braindate sessions at this year’s SaaStr Europa event. Sign up to one of our individual or small group mentoring sessions and learn more about how you can harness intent data and ABM to identify accounts actively in-market for your enterprise technology. To sign up, check out the SaaStr Braindate agenda and search for “Strategic IC” to see the Braindates we are running. Alternatively, pop by our stand at SaaStr Europa 2019 (Stand No.13) and let’s have a chat.

Attend SaaStr Europa 2019

SaaStr Europa is a jam-packed, two-day event taking place the 12-13 June 2019 at Maison de la Mutualité. Sign up to get the playbook from the best founders, executives, and investors in the SaaS by registering here.

About SaaStr

SaaStr is the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs dedicated to sharing the best learnings and practices around building and scaling SaaS businesses. Founded by serial enterprise entrepreneurs Jason M. Lemkin and Mallun Yen, SaaStr began on Quora as a WordPress blog about all-things-SaaS and has grown into a social community of more than 500,000 SaaS founders and executives with over 3,000,000 views a month, and two major industry conferences.

More than 2,500 SaaS executives, founders, and VCs from around the world will come together for two full days of content sessions at SaaStr Europa 2019. The most unique voices from the leaders in SaaS will take the stage to share actionable advice and learnings. Learn more at

About Strategic IC

At Strategic IC, we come to work each day to solve the biggest problem in sales and marketing. Who is actively in-market for your products and services? There is a proliferation of brands competing for the same customers making it much more difficult to cut through the noise. Sales teams get bigger and bigger but are yet less and less effective as buyer behaviour has changed beyond all recognition. Marketing budgets and technology innovation continue to grow apace but real ROI is hard to measure as the buyer journey now resembles a maze rather than a linear path to conversion.

Our mission at Strategic IC is to enable B2B technology brands to accelerate their growth and maximise their investment resources by identifying and engaging with enterprise accounts actively in-market for their products and services.

We’re Google, HubSpot, Drift and Vidyard partners so have all the right tools and know-how to support you on your SaaS growth journey. Let’s talk:


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