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Striim joins the Databricks Technology Partner Program

Striim Showcasing Integration with Databricks at Stand #738 at Big Data LDN September 21 and 22

BIG DATA LDN – Striim, a global leader in unified real-time data integration and streaming, today announced at the Big Data LDN conference and expo that Striim has joined the Databricks Technology Partner Program. Databricks Technology Partners integrate their solutions with Databricks to provide complementary capabilities for ETL, data ingestion, business intelligence, machine learning, and governance. Striim’s integration with Databricks enables enterprises to leverage the Databricks Lakehouse Platform’s reliability and scalability to innovate faster while deriving valuable data insights in real-time via Striim’s real-time streaming capabilities.

“It’s clear that the businesses that can make accurate, data-driven decisions more quickly have a clear advantage over their competitors,” said Ariel Amster, director of strategic technology partners at Databricks. “We intentionally partner with technology providers like Striim to enable our customers to speed their time-to-insight via Databricks AI/ML solutions. We are excited to partner with Striim, providing our customers access to a fully-managed cloud service to seamlessly connect data from databases, applications, and disparate clouds to Databricks in real-time.”

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses, enabling users to unify their data, analytics, and AI, build on open-source technology, and maintain a consistent platform across clouds. Striim enables Databricks’s AI/ML to create new models that leverage real-time data resulting in far more accurate business predictions. This, in turn, means better decisions more quickly, giving businesses and significant competitive edge.

“In today’s digital economy, customer experience, data movement, and data governance require real-time streaming data. Legacy batch processes simply are not enough to meet the demands of today’s AI/ML applications,” said Philip Cockrell, Striim’s senior vice president of Business Development. “Striim’s software-as-a-service offering delivers ‘best-in-class’ capabilities for real-time data integration, helping Databricks customers more fully realize the proven AI/ML functionality Databricks delivers.”

Striim Cloud delivers these capabilities for the enterprise in a managed service format that eliminates the complexity of building low-latency streaming data pipelines at scale. Instead of spending weeks implementing this new infrastructure, global enterprises can now integrate data from disparate sources in just a few clicks.

Striim is showcasing its integration with Databricks and its Striim Cloud managed services at stand #738 at the Big Data LDN conference and expo in London on September 21 and 22. Interested parties are welcome to visit or can arrange an appointment here https://go2.striim.com/big-data-london-2022. Alternatively, CIOs, CDOs, and data engineers not attending the conference can find out more here https://striim.com/striim-cloud. For more information on Striim and Databricks visit https://www.striim.com/databricks.

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