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Talkwalker launches Influencer One – a complete influencer marketing solution for exceptionally impactful teams

Providing brands and agencies with an easy-to-use and incredibly powerful influencer marketing solution - uniting teams, influencers and campaigns in one hub to drive impact.

New York, 11/6/2018. Talkwalker, the leading social listening and analytics platform, today announced the launch of Influencer One. The one and only hub for businesses to manage and monitor all their influencer marketing efforts. Developing upon Talkwalker’s award-winning social data analytics, Influencer One will drive impact for brands in the complex influencer market.

Historically, managing influencers has been difficult for digital communications personnel. Measuring the vast array of social data available, accurately identifying relevant brand ambassadors, and incorporating new technology into business processes, were just some of the hurdles marketing and PR professionals faced. Spreadsheets were a popular choice for management, but with a lack of connection, it was near impossible to maintain a workflow that all team members could understand.

“We’re now evolving that industry,” says Robert Glaesener, Talkwalker CEO. “With influencer marketing standing as a billion-dollar cornerstone for many marketing strategies, we wanted to provide a hub that would centralize and efficiently manage global influencer marketing efforts. Influencer One provides the complete solution, and demonstrates to big brands the real impact of their influencer marketing.”

Influencer One simplifies the entire process. Providing one platform that unites teams, influencers, and campaigns into one monitorable hub. From choosing the most relevant brand ambassadors from the millions available worldwide, to monitoring your campaigns’ ROI, Influencer One is a complete solution. Making influencer management smoother, more results driven, and ultimately, more impactful for brands.

“Influencer One is part of our strategy to drive market leadership through innovation,” Glaesener continued. “Over 200,000 people around the world now use our analytics tools. Today we bring our in-depth understanding of the marketing and PR industry to influencer marketing. With our strong technological edge in the digital communication marketplace, we are focused on providing one complete analytical solution. Ensuring all our clients can easily protect, measure and promote their brands.”

Influencer One will be an integral part of this – providing businesses with a scalable tool that manages all aspects of influencer campaigns. With continued support plus additional features and data networks planned for the future, it will maximize the impact of brands, and underline Influencer One as the number one influencer marketing platform.

About Talkwalker
Talkwalker is a social listening and analytics company that empowers over 2,000 brands and agencies to optimize the impact of their communication efforts. We provide companies with an easy-to-use platform to protect, measure, and promote their brands worldwide, across all communication channels.

Talkwalker’s state-of-the-art social media analytics platform uses AI-powered technology to monitor and analyze online conversations in real-time across social networks, news websites, blogs and forums in 187 languages. Talkwalker has offices in New York, Luxembourg, San Francisco, and Frankfurt. It is also the home of Talkwalker Alerts, a free alerting service used by over 500,000 communications and marketing professionals worldwide.

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