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TI Health Launches Data Driven Marketing Company, Delivering Superior ROI

Formerly SRAXmd, TI Health's platform provides audiences and signal driven advertising to 20 of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies and other large healthcare marketers.
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TI Health, a Data-Driven Marketing Company, announced its official launch and re-introduction to the market under its new moniker.  The Company utilizes proprietary data science, unique to the digital and mobile ad market, to deliver messaging to healthcare professionals and consumers.

“Our new name represents much more than a new identity design,” said Erin DeRuggiero, Co-President and Chief Commercial Officer of TI Health.  Ms. DeRuggiero added, “The healthcare industry is increasingly craving faster, more immediate predictive analytics. The TI Health product suite allows messaging to consumers and professionals before a diagnostic event takes place.  As a result, not only does our Company drive industry leading ROI on marketing campaigns, we also impact patient outcomes by getting the right message to the right person at precisely the right moment.”

Dustin Suchter, Co-President and Chief Technology Officer of TI Health commented, “The TI Health team is integrating advanced predictive analytics with native mobile messaging, to deliver a more rapid response to market triggered events.  There is a tremendous opportunity to continue to leverage our proprietary technology and data signals to improve patient outcomes.”

Bruce Eatroff, Managing Partner of Halyard Capital, added, “We are thrilled to support Erin and Dustin and the entire TI Health team as they have transitioned from a subsidiary of a public company to an independent, data-driven, healthcare marketing company.  Halyard has made several investments in the data-driven marketing space and we believe TI Health is ideally positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for uniquely targeted, data-driven healthcare focused campaigns.  We continue to provide capital, resources and expertise to help accelerate the Company’s vision.”

About TI Health
TI Health is an intelligent data-driven marketing company serving leading pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers in the United States, working in partnership to improve targeting and delivering superior return on their marketing investment.  The Company has developed products that respond to event triggers and signals in the healthcare marketplace, with the ability to serve targeted messaging to professionals and consumers digitally.  TI Health can deploy advertisements specifically to the handheld devices of healthcare professionals when they are in the vicinity of a practice or point of care location, in response to highly targeted and timely data feeds such as diagnostics, labs, claims and fluctuations within formulary access. TI Health is headquartered in New York City and has additional offices in Santa Monica, California and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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