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TapClicks Partners with Snap, Inc. to Deliver Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

Snapchat Ads Manager Integration Will Enable Marketers to Create Actionable Marketing Insights Using TapClicks' Unified Marketing Analytics Platform
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TapClicks, the global SaaS leader in marketing analytics, reporting, orders and workflow, today announced a strategic partnership with Snap, integrate Snapchat into the TapClicks Connector Marketplace. Through this partnership, marketers using Snapchat’s business services, such as ads, sponsored geofilters, lenses and more, will now be able to harness the power of the TapClicks unified marketing analytics platform to access, analyze and report on critical Snapchat marketing data to create actionable business intelligence and enhance strategic decision making.

TapClicks is adding Snapchat into its ever-expanding list of more than 200 integrations, which also include the Google stack (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google My Business, YouTube, etc.), Facebook (Fb Ads, Fb Insight, Instagram), Hubspot, LinkedIn (Ads, Business Pages), Twitter (Ads, Social), Adobe (Video Ads, Marketo, etc.), The Trade Desk,, Yext, Uberall and RavenTools. Snapchat’s social media marketing data will be available through the TapClicks platform so mutual users, including agencies, media publishers and brand marketers, will have the ability to visualize the results of their social media marketing campaigns, analyze the contextual information they need to make more informed omni-channel campaign optimization decisions and efficiently demonstrate the ROI of campaigns and programs to their advertisers or executive leadership

“Our goal in the partnership with Snap is to empower marketers to fully understand and demonstrate the value of SnapChat campaigns, particularly given SnapChats access to exclusive audiences that marketers struggle to reach elsewhere,” said Noah Jacobson, SVP of Corporate Development and Strategy, TapClicks. “Snapchat’s audience is one of the most valuable features for marketers looking to reach elusive demographics. TapClicks partnership with Snapchat will help its network of marketers and advertisers glean even more value from the platform by enhancing their abilities to improve audience targeting, campaign performance and, ultimately, ROI.”

TapClicks has also formalized several other key data integration partnerships to bring additional connections into the TapClicks Connector Marketplace in 2019. In addition to Snapchat, TapClicks users now have access to marketing data from Waze, Oath Ad Platforms, Gimbal and Measured Marketing integrated directly into the TapClicks Platform.

“TapClicks is among the fastest growing companies in MarTech. Our impressive growth is, in part, a direct result of the strong strategic partnerships we have forged with innovators like Snap, Inc.,” said Babak Hedayati, CEO of TapClicks. “Snapchat’s Ad platform offers marketers unparalleled opportunities to deliver interactive campaigns to elusive Millennial audience segments. TapClicks’ comprehensive, holistic platform can now provide even deeper visibility into social penetration and influence which is key to managing social marketing efforts, especially for hard to reach targets.”

The TapClicks platform offers a full-featured Unified Marketing Analytics Platform that combines easy to use order management and workflow software with advanced marketing analytics, game-changing reporting capabilities and comprehensive performance tools in a single, omni-channel product. By compiling metrics from dozens of potential data sources, the TapClicks platform allows marketers and advertisers at agencies, large brands and media companies to see the results of their marketing operations, demonstrate client ROI and access the contextual information they need to make informed business decisions.

About TapClicks
TapClicks, Inc. is the leading marketing performance platform for digital and media agencies and their SMB, B2B enterprise and consumer brand clients. Its pre-integrated, unified platform includes agency orders, marketing workflow, performance analytics, client reporting and data — centralized across a wide range of marketing and advertising tools. TapClicks’ unified platform is used by over 5,000 digital and media agencies.

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