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Top 5 Future defining Martech Trends

Years after years Martech has seen a rock steady innovation rate, right from the emergence of Email marketing to innovations in regards to artificial intelligence, Martech has been constantly helping brands from various genres resurface in the marketing game with a steady technological backup.

According to the latest report from ChiefMarketer, the martech spending by the companies has seen quite a rise from the last year’s comparison. There is a great increase in that number every forthcoming year. This means that more and more brands are trusting Martech with their Customer acquisition and prediction success.

At such a time of relative boom, let us quickly see the top 5 trends in Martech that will be taking the marketing world by a storm for the upcoming decade:

1. Custom APIs
Customer application programming Interfaces help brands to gauge the marketing data which is flowing in real-time across all channels. Custom API helps the e-commerce businesses and retailers in increasing their ROI and implementing omnichannel optimization. The core benefit of the entire process is that it makes tracking progress relatively simpler. One can easily analyze the performance of one’s paid campaigns by tracking the analytics as well as offline traction to get a comprehensive and detailed report.

2. PR Tech
Lately, the realization has dawned upon people that PR is the sole driver to gather top-of-funnel leads. PR tech would mainly consist of all the means with which we can check and measure the effectiveness of PR. This would help you to consider the folding of PRTech into the martech stack and work in collaboration to optimize the marketing goals. The earlier companies start to reap off these benefits the better. PRTech is one of the major forms of tech to gain heavy momentum in the marketing sector.

3. Offline Tracking
Be it offline mode in Facebook, which allows a user a certain degree of activity or visits into the Google store for the app along with the beacons being increasingly used, there is a massive effort to converge online activity with offline behaiviour. With the improvement in the measurement standards, omnichannel brands will start to gather extreme precision in order to enhance their decision-making skills especially when it concerns the scope of their digital investments.

4. Peer-To-Peer Marketing Outlets
Online reviews have defined a new and more powerful phase in the Buyer’s decision making cycle. Review sites and social networks have intertwined to form a stronger relationship between the company and the customer. Further technological advancements in the peer-to-peer marketing channels will ensure that the customer feedback system is more advanced and this has the potential to make real amends in the company faster than before.

5. Voice Agents
Alexa has already proven it’s worth in the field of voice intelligence and its subsequent benefits to the marketing channelization. When voice agents can be combined with natural language processing then they can yield some excellent results and exciting possibilities. In the field of brand experience, this could be a deal maker during a major event. Voice agents would not only allow you to pull up important and pivotal information on the word go but also helps ease down the physical discomfort one has while going through a relentless search. The efficiency of a voice search and smart voice agent adds a lot from the client perspective.

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