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Top 50 Martech Leaders

With the Martech arena witnessing stellar phase shifts every now and then, the need for innovation is always dynamic. Marketing, on the whole, has seen a tremendous shift not only in terms of consumerism but also in terms of the products that are coming into the market and the nuances with which martech is scaling.

At such a time the need of the hour is to keep pace and maintain innovation. Strategic planning is what will keep any future hurdles and consumer-centric bottlenecks at bay. Hence the leader is the most important aspect of a trailblazing business.

With that let us have a look at the Top 50 Martech Leaders whose innovative strategies and clear thinking have collectively pushed forth the Martech Arena towards its blazing peak :

1. Travis Wright
2. Kay Kienast
3. Larry Kim
4. Christopher Penn
5. Shawn Goodin
6. Rachel Miller
7. Jon Miller
8. Joanna O’Connell
9. John Kottcamp
10. Carl Robertson
11. Carla Piñeyro Sublett
12. Atri Chatterjee
13. Scott Vaughan
14. Leah Pope
15. Alan Marks
16. Alberto Spinelli
17. Alison Wagonfeld-
18. David Spitz
19. Sam Melnick
20. Michelle Killebrew
21. Meagen Eisenberg
22. Dharmesh Shah
23. Carol Carpenter
24. Amy Fuller
25. Aparna Jairam
26. Bryan Urioste
27. Ben Parr
28. Brian Kardon
29. Douglas Karr
30. Anthony Kennada
31. Kirsten Allegri Williams
32. Scott Brinker
33. Keith Nargi
34. Ken Fine
35. Travis Bickham
36. Mirko Holzer
37. Jason Widup
38. Steven Coulange
39. Kathleen Delaney
40. Vinay Bhagat
41. Mike Grehan
42. Fernando Amaral
43. Amee Shah
44. Vlad Magdalin
45. Zach Kitschke
46. Rand Fishkin
47. Moody (Mutahar. Glasgow
48. Joe Morrissey
49. Sarah Franklin
50. Stephen (Steve) Hammond

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