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Toshiba Revitalizes Customer Experience at Leading Colombian Grocer, Grupo Éxito

Toshiba’s TCx Elevate Commerce Platform Presents Grupo Éxito Shoppers with New Possibilities
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Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is empowering Grupo Éxito to inspire customers to take ownership of their shopping experiences. With Toshiba’s digital commerce platform, TCx™ Elevate, and in partnership with Toshiba business partner and local integrator Línea DataScan S.A., Grupo Éxito has created a modern, intuitive frictionless shopping experience resulting in faster checkout times and more flexible ways for customers to pay.

“Toshiba’s technology has allowed us to place the customer at the center,” Grupo Éxito’s Vice President of Sales and Operations, Guillaume Seneclauze, said. “The customer has changed a lot with the digitalization of the shopping experience. As a result, when we are able to create awareness to help them see how technology can facilitate an easier shopping experience and facilitate payment, they end up adopting and enjoying its use quickly.”

Before this digital transformation, Grupo Éxito was expanding its market coverage and found that they were extremely limited by the current platform. As Grupo Éxito was trying to create new solutions to meet customer demand, it was difficult to do with the existing platform and required integrations. This also made it difficult to train and retain employees martech news.

Toshiba was able to leverage the TCx Elevate platform to help Grupo Éxito build and implement innovative capabilities at their own pace. This approach allowed Grupo Éxito to protect the previous platform’s total cost of ownership.

“Our commitment was to Toshiba’s platform with TCx Elevate, because with it we saw how to solve the company’s challenge, to offer multiple payment options maintaining the investment protection we’ve made for years on the POS platform,” Grupo Éxito’s Head of Distributed Technology Department, Boris Ceballos, said.

Today, Grupo Éxito is giving customers the tools to shop the way they want to shop throughout Éxito, Carulla, Surtimax and Super Inter stores across Colombia. With TCx Elevate, Grupo Éxito has been able to deliver frictionless checkout to customers, provide new applications for customers and associates, and create an intuitive in-store environment, featuring touch screens and applications like those commonly used on smartphones. Grupo Éxito’s evolution has also helped improve employee retention rates and new employee training takes less one day, instead of five to ten days.

“Our clients tell us that increasing the speed and agility of deploying new capabilities is their top priority, so we’re excited that Grupo Éxito has been able to make that happen in their business,” Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Senior Vice President, Head of Global Sales, Bill Campbell, said. “This is a great example of technology empowering change that results not only in a great shopping experience for consumers, but also benefits to the store associates that serve them.”

Línea DataScan S.A. served as a local integrator and facilitated and provided local support. Toshiba business partner, Línea DataScan S.A. was instrumental in integrating Toshiba’s TCx Elevate platform while digitizing the customer experience across Grupo Éxito locations in Colombia. Línea DataScan S.A. is also tasked with maintaining Toshiba’s POS systems throughout Grupo Éxito-branded stores.

The results from the first implementation are clear and Group Éxito is currently deploying Toshiba’s POS digital commerce platform, with plans to continue that work in the future.

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