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Totango reveals findings of Customer Success professionals survey

The ninth annual Customer Success Industry & Salary Report reveals that CS is more ingrained into key enterprise functions as a critical component to drive growth and innovation

Totango, Inc., the industry’s only Composable Customer Success (CS) platform that helps companies drive immediate value, reveals the findings of a survey of nearly 250 customer success professionals from over 49 different industries in 41 countries.

The Impact and Value of CS is Spreading within the Enterprise

One of the most noteworthy findings of the survey was that customer success is becoming more integrated within enterprise organizational structures. The time CS teams spend with cross-functional partners has significantly increased with product, marketing, service, and support teams to the highest levels of all business functions. Marketing remains a key business partner for CS; engagement increased by 17% compared to results from 2021.

For example, an industry-leading global software development platform continues to double-down on delivering customer outcomes across the company. In year two of using Totango, the CS team has doubled, and expanded adoption of their company-wide strategy by bringing sales, support, and professional service teams into Totango.

Companies Are Missing Out on Scaling By Relying on Multiple CS Vendors

The next noteworthy finding is that while CS is becoming an increasingly relied-upon enterprise business function, 34% of respondents say companies are challenged with selecting a single platform to address CS process gaps. This is resulting in CS teams relying on multiple technology providers, which creates inefficiencies such as a considerable amount of time wasted copying and pasting data from different tools.

As economic uncertainty continues to be a factor in budget management and strategic resource planning, companies that will thrive need to align with a single flexible platform that can elevate the management of the customer lifecycle while reducing lost time, diminished productivity, and data analysis issues stemming from using multiple platforms.

Customer Experience is Now the Top Priority Over Churn

While churn reduction remains vital to any business, customer experience became the top priority of survey respondents in 2022 – with 96% indicating it as a high priority, a 10% increase from 2021. Churn reduction, the top priority of respondents in 2021, ties with product adoption with 92% indicating each as a top priority.

After a year of thriving using Totango, TaskRabbit recently renewed its contract to support its high-touch outreach to large volumes of gig economy freelancers. The online and mobile service connects consumers with “Taskers” (independent workers who handle everyday home improvement tasks and errands), so the company has applied customer success principles and embedded best practices in Totango to drive adoption of its platform and retain Taskers who provide a high-quality experience for consumers.

Customer Success Operations Received the Year-over-Year Highest Salary Boost

From a year-over-year salary comparison for customer success professionals from entry level to senior executive roles, 61% of respondents said their salary increased since 2021. The title with the highest percentage increase was Customer Success Operations, which showed a 29% increase (a roughly $30,000 boost for median salary) in 2022. This was a new feature title in the 2021 report, and demonstrates the increased importance of optimizing the customer journey as a product by establishing a dedicated operations management role.

“Overall for the ninth consecutive year we have seen encouraging signs that the CS profession and technology are in demand,” said Jamie Bertasi, President and COO of Totango. “The opportunities that we see in the report of increased enterprise-wide collaboration, value of using a single CS platform, and greater focus on CS operations, mirrors what we have found in recent midsize and large enterprise customer wins. We expect 2023 to continue this upward trend as companies continue to choose Totango over other CS vendors due to the breadth and flexibility of our Composable CS platform.”

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