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VelSEOity Advises Online Reviews For Reputation Protection in 2020

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As a firm that’s been helping various businesses improve their online reputation management processes, VelSEOity publishes a guide providing a number of great tips that everyone from SMEs to larger companies can put into effect.

With the growth of the global market and different types of wholesalers and retailers selling similar types of products, today’s connected consumer is highly skeptical. Despite there being bold adverts and marketing strategies, consumers today are suspicious of every item in the market perhaps due to the widespread nature of the market. Besides, it’s overwhelming to have to choose between fifty or more suppliers of the same commodity. Which one is genuine? Cheaper? What if the cheaper one is counterfeit? Could the higher-priced one be a rip off?

VelSEOity has been helping brands with online reviews and internet reputation management for a number of years now and suggests improvement of online reviews could greatly help protect brand reputations. All brands that want to stay in business, and not just this but thrive at it, have to embrace the power of product reviews in marketing. Experience is the best teacher, and nothing is as authentic as getting evidence of quality from a person who has used a product before martech news.

The VelSEOity team emphasizes on the fact that reviews began as travel section print media discussions and neighborhood tete-a-tetes but have now evolved to be powerful marketing tools thanks to online shopping. Businesses that have extended their sales to the online market benefit from reviews found in selling applications like Alibaba and the like. However, today the power of reviews has even gone a step further using review sites such as Angie’s List, Google+ and Yelp. People heavily rely on the experience of other customers and they can now see what a brand is really about on the click of a button.

More than 95% of people read customer reviews before purchasing products. Of these, 88% put their faith in the review, and concurrently, 72% will only buy an item after reassurance from a review. Based on Yelp’s review, a negative review could cost a business up-to 30 clients while a single good rating could increase the revenue by an impressive 5-9%! This fact alone showcases need to improve online reviews in 2020.

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