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Venture Stream decides to deliver Marketing MasterClass

Venture Stream, An E-commerce agency decides to simplify martech use through marketing Masterclass
Venture Stream decides to deliver Marketing MasterClass

The agency works alongside leading brands and online retailers including Barbour, Yogamatters, and Standout and for the first time will share the latest insights into e-commerce strategy with local business owners, directors and managers in the North East.

Venture Stream, an e-commerce agency has decided to deliver a free eCommerce meeting masterclass in the center of Newcastle this month. The brand is known to work alongside major and leading brands and this will be their first attempt into sharing insights onto 

The masterclass is aimed at uncovering on the process of businesses collecting customer data and understanding customer intent. It is going to dive into the major aspects of the marketing arena such as understanding customer intent and the buying cycle along with maximizing the strategies that drive the highest ROI. The Venture Stream team seems extremely exciting to host the event.

The list of tech mavens to be attending the event are:

  • Chris Ogle, Business Development Manager
  • Who will be introducing the speakers and running through the agenda.
  • Gareth Banfi, Ecommerce Manager

Reviewing some of the biggest anomalies Venture Stream came across with Google Analytics as well as discovering certain unused features for relevant insights.

Ian Ferguson, Digital Marketing Manager

Discussing how to understand customer intent 

Olly Shiach, Paid Search Consultant

Focusing on the latest trends in PPC, new features and advanced strategies to start implementing in your paid search campaigns.

Andy Robinson, Creative Director

Discussions on understanding the customer buying cycle and main touchpoints on creating an effective digital strategy.

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