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VERB’S MARKET Vendors Share Their Experience On Shopfest

Founders and CEOs from some of America’s hottest brands speak out on what it was like to participate in this one-of-a-kind livestream shopping experience on July 26-28, 2022.
Verb Technology

Verb Technology Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: VERB) (“VERB” or the “Company”), the leader in interactive video-based sales-enablement applications, including shoppable livestream video, today announced an inside peak into the minds of some of Shopfest’s most notable brand creators following their official launch on

Shopfest marked the official launch of Verb’s MARKET platform — a premiere social shopping and livestream platform that represents the convergence of live entertainment and shopping, ushering in a new era in online shopping and ecommerce.

Featuring more than 60 brandsmany Shopfest vendors are now sharing their unique perspective on what it was like to present on the innovative, interactive new platform:

“I really loved being a part of Shopfest — it was fun, lively, and interactive,” said Mike Chaffin, Co-founder of Three Commas, a Mark Cuban Company. “The tech makes it easy to connect with shoppers in an engaging way while allowing them to make purchases seamlessly. I’m looking forward to doing many more successful events with and bringing in other business partners and clients as well.”

“ gives me the ability to really connect one-on-one with our audience,” said Chaz Dean, Creator of WEN Hair and Body Care. “Not only can I have a live open dialogue, but I am able to educate how to best use my products (including some insightful tips and tricks), share the history of how they came to life, and the opportunity to maintain and start lifelong relationships with my customers. My connection with my customer means the world to me and that’s why I do what I do.”

Shopfest was an exhilarating experience all-around,” stated Lisa Henry Holmes of American Ninja Warrior Official Apparel. “I liked being able to bring not just authentic, high-quality American Ninja Warrior gear to old and new fans alike, but also showcase the impressive talent of amazing ninjas live in studio! There’s nothing like the energy and excitement of live events and having conversations with shoppers in real-time. This puts in a league of its own. I’m thrilled to be a part of it!”

“Our customers loved Shopfest and love MARKET,” said Eric Ruyak, Hespera Founder and Creative Director. “The selling experience was fun, really easy to use, and let people connect with the brand in a new, very deep way. We also met a ton of new clients! This is definitely the future of shopping.”

“I absolutely love the joy I feel when I’m able to connect with my community live,” said Doll 10 Founder Dr. Doris Dalton. “It’s so much fun to share the passion I have for creating products, the stories behind the formulas and what makes Doll 10 revolutionary. With, I’m able to educate on what the product is and how to have the best experience with it, all while taking real-time questions. I’m able to make ‘her’ feel beautiful, just as if we were doing our makeup together. The platform allows us to create a beautiful connection and I know she’ll remember that every time she uses her Doll 10 products. I love that envelops shopping, community, connection and education all in one place.”

“I had a blast!” said entrepreneur and investor David Meltzer. “The Three Commas event felt like a shoppable masterclass. I love the concept of answering real questions in real time and adding immediate value all while viewers can purchase products to keep them motivated and inspired. I can’t wait to bring Two Minute Drill and Office Hours to It’s a win-win!”

“Love shopping online at home, but hate the gamble/unknown factor of how things will look in reality?  Us too!” said Amanda Dawes, Anna Zuckerman Luxury COO. “That’s why we love and know you will too!  On, our owner Anna and I are your personal shoppers, stylists and virtual fitting room experience. See our jewelry in real life at its actual size while we share our best looks and new trends. The audience chat lets us connect with you and answer your questions, as well as share how you style your sparkle in Anna Zuckerman Luxury. Don’t miss our fantastic deals and giveaways only on”

“MARKET allows brands full control to sell what they want, when they want,” said Brad Stiles, Senior Sales Manager, Henning Lee. MARKET provides real, actionable insight and analytics to brands allowing them to fine-tune their livestream broadcasts to engage customers in an impactful way. Never before has a brand been able to utilize a platform and go to market in just a few short days. MARKET’s product and customer experience teams are always helpful and take all feedback to heart. We are now engaging with customers on a much more personal level which creates a real, long-lasting relationship with the end user which, in turn, will drive repeat purchases. MARKET is really onto something!”

“The ‘magic of MARKET’ for a niche brand like ROKNE Pickleball is being able to fully explain and demonstrate our products while connecting to a new, expanded, and fully engaged audience,” said Co-founder Elise Ivy. “Having a storefront on MARKET next to other top brands allows ROKNE and our product assortment to be easily discoverable and shoppable. Going live and seamlessly producing a show from home or the pickleball courts allows us endless possibilities to bring our products to life and to fully engage with our current and new customers. With sales that roll in both during and after a live show from shoppers perusing MARKET, it truly is a magical way to take on the world of livestream shopping.”

“ allows me to easily connect with a live audience,” said Gay Isber, Creator of Gay Isber Designs. “I can answer questions, show the sparkle of a piece of jewelry, and tell fun stories about how my products are sourced and created. I also enjoy having games and contests in real time to engage the viewer. Each time a customer wears their purchase, they remember the happy experience. Now, it isn’t just another bauble in their jewelry box, there’s a great memory associated with it. I love!”

“We have been looking for ways to engage and attract new consumers of our brand primarily in the US market and I absolutely adore what is doing,” Margot Grant, Elizabeth Grant Vice President stated. “It’s a really fun and dynamic way to engage with our customers (new and loyal) that allows us to directly connect with them, as if we were actually one on one and in person, but with the ease and volume from traditional omnichannel platforms. It’s a great way to keep it fun and entertaining while being able to monitor our KPI’s in real time. Love the partnership brings and can’t wait to continue growing with them.”

“We are thrilled to share Celeste Sol on MARKET!” said Tiffany Joachim, Founder of Celeste Sol. “There is no doubt this is the future of retail and e-commerce, and MARKET is best in class.”

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