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Vidyard launches new video player and ushers in seamless video messaging

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Vidyard encourages the ‘video-first’ mentality as it unveils its latest product enhancements thereby helping businesses generate excellent leads and improve audience engagement. The summer 2018 update sees the expansion of the Vidyard GoVideo partner ecosystem assisting businesses to bring personal video message to a broader base of employees as it optimizes its core video player for mobile and desktop performance.

Today, businesses are increasingly using video to keep pace with the changing expectations of today’s buyers and employees. Michael Litt, Co-founder, and CEO of Vidyard states that the company is committed to helping organizations realize this vision and make video a seamless and integrated part of marketing, sales, and customer service programs.

The enhanced capabilities launched by Vidyard include
a) Availability in 3rd party apps – The video messaging app is now available directly within applications like Zendesk, Drift, Allbound, Frontspin, and Salesforce Quip Collaboration Platform. It now enables employees to record, share, and track custom video messages from external business applications and existing workflows.
b) Power Video-First websites – By supporting JavaScript minification, SEO enhancements and advanced responsiveness, Vidyard’s enhanced video player optimizes the performance and ranking of video-first sites.
c) Best-in-class Marketo integration – Vidyard is the first video platform to achieve a fully certified Marketo integration. Mow, joint users of Marketo and Vidyard can easily add video to marketing campaigns and also track audience engagement at the same time.

Advantages of Vidyard’s new video player

Vidyard integrates the following new apps for leading marketing, sales, and collaboration solutions.

Drift – Drift users will find it easy to record and send custom video messages within their conversational platform. They can also share on-demand video assets within various Drift applications.
Frontspin – Sales representatives find it easy to create, access, and send videos within the Frontspin sales communication solution to boost the response rates and increase customer engagement.
Allbound – Users can access their video recordings within their PRM platform. They can quickly add videos to help reseller reps communicate with their prospects on a one-to-one basis.
Quip – Posting video messages within collaboration projects to provide feedback and comments more robustly. You can also integrate with Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, and Chatter product offerings.

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