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Akeneo launches new Product Experience Management (PXM) solution

Product Experience Management (PXM)

Akeneo announced updates and new products to its flagship PIM (Product Information Management) solution designed to enable enhanced PXM (Product Experience Management). The new PXM solution enables retailers and brands to create outstanding product experiences across various sales channels. This new solution extends the functionality and enhances the value of Akeneo PIM as it makes it easier for quicker on-boarding of suppliers and managing the collection of products.

These three elements constitute the new PXM.
a) Akeneo PIM 2.3
b) Akeneo Onboarder
c) Akeneo PIM Accelerator.

Akeneo PIM 2.3 – Dramatically enhanced handling of product models and variants, searching and filtering through massive catalogs, and active collaboration across teams are the improvements that make marketing and eCommerce teams more productive.

Akeneo Onboarder – It enables retailers and distributors to offer a secure cloud-based environment to the suppliers, and helps provide product information without accessing the core PIM platform. It makes the job of the retailers and distributors easy by reducing errors, increasing the efficiency of the process and allowing for quicker marketing of products.

PIM Accelerator – It serves as an add-on to the Akeneo PIM that includes a pre-built catalog and sample data for industries like the fashion brands that offer apparel, footwear, and accessories. It accelerates the building of the catalog by offering more than 70 different attributes, six product family options, and some family variants. By providing a tree structure for categories and assets, it makes it easier for retailers to enrich their product attribute information because it edits the pre-built templates to suit their needs. Thus, you get a faster creation of product catalogs thereby increasing team productivity an improving the time to market.
PXM is going to revolutionize the marketing experience by adding a new business dimension overlooked in the PIM. It helps to make the data more strategic and helps the marketers to increase their sales.

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