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Vision Critical Rebrands to Alida

New brand personifies company’s evolution to CXM leader
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TORONTO – September 23, 2020 – Vision Critical, a continuous customer insights solution provider for the past two decades, today announced its complete rebranding to Alida. Alida is the creator of the world’s first comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CXM) and insights platform. The company’s new brand name and visual identity showcases its ongoing dedication to helping brands create meaningful customer relationships.

Alida’s history is steeped in helping iconic brands like Buzzfeed, LinkedIn and Red Bull change their business for the better by uncovering customer motivations, opinions, and sentiment through an award-winning customer insights platform. Now, the newly refocused brand will build upon this expertise and help global brands act on these uncovered customer ‘truths’ to deliver world-class customer experiences.

Aggressive Growth Path in CXM

Alida has been on an aggressive growth path, beginning in early 2020 with a new executive leadership team, including SAP veteran Ross Wainwright as CEO. Since then, the company released a number of new customer-led innovations to advance toward its transformation into a value-based CXM leader. With deep subject matter expertise and specialized tools for major industries such as Retail, CPG, Media, Technology, Financial Services, and Healthcare, this rebrand is just the latest move by Alida to disrupt the over-saturated CXM market.

“The CXM space today is crowded with vendors that offer transactional functions that don’t lead to real business value,” said Wainwright. “It’s not just about driving products and services, it’s about creating an actionable experience for customers, employees, and partners that drives loyalty. Our new brand stays true to our company values while personifying where we believe the future to be.”

“With a recent $US20 million investment from Vistara Capital Partners we expedited our ambitious growth strategy and are poised to achieve our mission of helping businesses make decisions with their customers, not for them,” continued Wainwright.

Alida: Truth In Action

Alida has Latin origins and means verity, truth, reality and actuality, which is the ultimate goal for brands tapping into the real source of truth: their customers. A tribute to the essence of the heroine, unexpected in the often linear, predictable and hard-edge world of technology, the name evokes a sense of strength, humanity and empathy.

Major customers agree that the new brand is a game-changing move. “This rebrand is exceptional work,” said Cedric Painvin, Associate Vice President of Consumer Research at Canadian Tire. “You have struck a perfect balance that recognizes the diversity of leaders in the CX space which will surely propel you into a very exciting next phase.”

“As a 6-year-strong enterprise customer, I am thrilled to introduce Alida to our wider team within The Stars Group and Flutter Businesses,” said Ben Fox, Department Head of Group Research, Consumer Market & Understanding at The Stars Group.

The Alida product portfolio will now follow a functional naming strategy. Alida Touchpoint, Alida Surveys, and Alida Sparq empower customer-obsessed brands to collect and action both broad feedback and deep insights to ensure that every decision is designed to elevate the customer experience.

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