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VIVA Creative to Release Findings from Event Metrics Innovation Research Study

Survey Is Open to Event Professionals for One More Week - closing 9/6/19
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VIVA Creative (, a global experiential marketing agency, will release insightful data from a six-month study on the future of event metrics.

The study is closing on September 6th, 2019. Event professionals who have not yet responded are encouraged to take the brief five-minute survey before it closes.

“For the last six months, our team has collected responses from a wide variety of event industry professionals on the state of metrics, emerging trends, and new and improved approaches to metrics” said Emily Greene, co-founder and president of VIVA Creative. “Findings from the study, expected to be published later this year, will serve as the foundation for new and better approaches to event measurement.”

To take the brief five-minute survey before it closes, please click here.

The study explores and identifies challenges, opportunities, and best practices in event metrics. In addition, it looks for emerging trends and innovations to advance the industry. Upon completion of the study, preliminary results will be published to help all event professionals understand and improve their event measurement.

“This study is a way for VIVA to address a pressing need in our industry, to improve methods to quantitatively and qualitatively report on the success of event programs. Our goal is to offer the industry new ways to meet this need,” says Lorne Greene, co-founder and CEO of VIVA Creative. “We are committed to creating a better and more effective way for event professionals to communicate return on investment of event programs, on paper, with hard facts and data to back it up.”

For more information about the Event Metrics Innovation Research Study, including opportunities to get involved, please contact Vanessa Shkuda via email at

For media inquiries, please contact Rebecca Herring at 951.264.2055 or

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