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VuePlanner adds a new video filtration layer

Going beyond traditional metadata provided by YouTube, VueScan by VuePlanner offers on demand visualization of a video’s GARM risk, IAB classification, detected objects, emotions, and audience affinities, creating the most comprehensive video analysis available

VuePlanner®, a contextual, data-driven YouTube campaign performance solution, today announced the addition of a new video filtration layer leveraging Netra’s computer vision technology to develop VueScan by VuePlanner.

Recognized by Google as a trusted, independent solution for driving and measuring marketing performance on YouTube, VuePlanner’s platform already provided multiple layers of contextual and suitability technology including video-level, channel-level, and audience-level targeting. VueScan by VuePlanner now incorporates additional signals, offering a real-time view into a YouTube video’s GARM risk, IAB classification, detected objects, audience affinities, and more.

“Our ongoing partnership with Netra provides VuePlanner an opportunity to extract and analyze more video signals, which translates into more sophisticated targeting options for our clients,” said John Cobb, CEO of VuePlanner. “Because we value transparency, we encourage our clients to use the technology themselves. VueScan by VuePlanner gives advertisers the unique opportunity to visualize our classification efforts and suitability scoring.”

Backed by Techstars and Mark Cuban, Netra is a content comprehension platform, that unlocks the value of content by interpreting source video into organized datasets spanning context, safety and search. Netra solves the challenges surrounding content comprehension by providing contextual and brand suitability classification to empower its partners with insight-rich data to increase the value of video assets. With MIT-born artificial intelligence, Netra’s API integrates with partner platforms to extract asset value so partners like VuePlanner can build products and applications that embed complex computer vision features with minimal additional programming.

“The Partnership with VuePlanner elegantly applies our computer vision technology to the YouTube advertising ecosystem.” said Amit Phansalker, Netra’s CEO. “Together we now offer something that has never been done before in this industry – targeting ads based on YouTube video content rather than mere video metadata. We are looking forward to seeing how VuePlanner leverages this capability with its customers and prospects across the globe.”

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