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Westwin Shares Cross-cultural Career Insights with Foreign Students at Hutong School Event

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Westwin, a leading marketing and consulting firm that focuses on cross-border business, has participated in the panel event “Inside the Mind of Young China: A Young Professionals Panel Discussion”, organized by Hutong School, a foreign-owned institute providing Chinese language courses and internships. Two representatives from Westwin, Larry You, Marketing Manager, and Lu Jin, Sales Manager, provided insights into the digital marketing industry and how international students can get involved in the industry. The event was held at Red Cactus, Shanghai.

With the aim of helping young, international talents learn more about living and working in China, Hutong School regularly welcomes working professionals to share industry insights, educate students on the intricacies of the Chinese workplace, plan for their academic future, and eliminate any doubts they have when considering starting a career in the region. Hutong School’s panel discussion brought together five professionals working in the digital marketing, financial technology, medicine and healthcare fields. Drawing on their experience gained in China and abroad, the panelists shared lessons they had learned while trying to break through cultural and professional barriers and eliminate misunderstandings about China and its corporate culture during their careers.

“More than 80% of the 60 foreign students who participated in the event marked it as ‘extraordinarily rewarding’. We hope that more international companies like Westwin will be able to offer advice about living and working in China to international students interested in the Chinese market,” said Astrid Soetanto, Program Director of Hutong School.

“I am glad to be here for the younger generation who are interested in working in China. They come here with questions, and I’m happy to get them answered,” said Larry You, Marketing Manager of Westwin. “Having set up offices in China, the U.K., and the U.S., Westwin aims to serve as a bridge between the East and West in the field of digital marketing by understanding and observing both cultures and the way people think.”

“We can see from the event that more and more overseas youth are interested in the Chinese market. We look forward to having more international talent join us in China,” said You.

Westwin has a long history of conducting social outreach programs benefiting schools and students. Its predecessor, MSN China, launched a public service event “MSN Rainbow Hope Elementary School” in 2009, the same year as the devastating earthquake shook Sichuan. It was the first public service activity in China to collect donations online, raising RMB 1.24 million (about US$ 179,000) from enterprises. The funds raised were donated to a foundation established to rebuild local schools in Deyang City, Luojiang County, Sichuan Province.

“We’ve been placing great emphasis on social welfare work, and we’ll continue to do so,” said You.

About Hutong School
Founded in 2005, Hutong School is the leading foreign-owned Chinese language school in China and provides full immersion programs in Beijing and Shanghai. Hutong School is committed to creating new opportunities for young, talented students by linking them with both Chinese and international companies in China. The school attaches great importance to the quality of its Chinese classes and internships, enabling students to acquire both linguistic and professional knowledge about China.

About Westwin
Westwin, formerly known as Microsoft Online (MSN China), is a leading marketing consulting firm that focuses on cross-border business. We provide branding strategies and digital marketing solutions to help clients achieve success in China and around the world. Westwin is a certified marketing & advertising partner of Baidu, Tencent WeChat, Sina Weibo and more major digital platforms in China. With years of experience in cross-border business and partnership growth, we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to take your business to the next level in overseas markets.

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