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Why Measured Marketing Triumphs Over Aimless Marketing


Advertising and campaigning are a major aspect of running a business. It is the very method through which a business proprietor hopes to bring in new customers to his trade. However, according to a source, a staggering 30% of all the money spent on advertisement goes to waste simply because the public do not open the message or the content fails to make an impression on them.

Gone are the days when you could throw everything against the wall and hope for something to stick. The infamous “spray and pray” marketing technique is not only vastly inefficient but also contributes to spending large sums of money that ultimately go to waste. When everything in the present day works according to precise calculations and measurements, it is only feasible that correct and accurate measurements are also applied to the arena of marketing.

You need to have a thorough and precise knowledge of how much money you are spending, and how much of that spent money is actually doing its intended job. The expenses should be focused not only on ad campaigns but also the quality of the content. While most ads are ego-centric, boasting about what they offer and how the brand came into being, experts advise taking a different route. In order to attract the attention of the potential customers, the ads need to tap the general interest of the public, make a motion to defend the brand’s stance in the market, and finally, present an offer to the potential customers that they cannot refuse.

Mobile devices have become a companion to our everyday lives. Be it office or the bed, the mobiles are always with us. Marketing experts strongly advise taking advantage of this opportunity and target mobile-based advertising. There is a two-fold advantage to this. Not only is it cheaper than other conventional marketing schemes, but also due to the high dependence on mobiles, your advertisements are more likely to be noticed by the potential customers.

In a nutshell, experts claim that the age has come when marketers need to be smart about the portion of the budget they are spending on marketing and to adopt innovative and scientific tactics to reduce wastage.

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