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Skyword 360- A New Vision for Content Marketing Technology

Content Marketing Technology

Content marketing is currently taking centre stage in accelerating business. Skyword, the leading content marketing software provides marketers with sophisticated tools and resources to showcase their brands. Recently they have launched Skyword360 which would provide end-to-end management and implementation of content strategy throughout the enterprise.

Now the marketers can share content marketing strategy with their team; refine, develop and execute the plans across every channel. Some of these facilities are already incorporated in Skyword360, while the remaining ones will be added shortly. Let us have a look at how Skyword360 would benefit the brands in exploring their storytelling capabilities.


Now the brands can use Skyword360 to establish their content strategy and convey it to the rest of the organisation. The content would be easily accessible by both the internal and external team members. The marketers can also design content for specific stages and personas. They can record the audience insight and chalk out a vision on their ways of interacting with the brand.


Skyword360 has incorporated new planning areas for the marketers. Now they can view all the content which is developed across audience, stages, campaigns and channels and plan accordingly. Team members would be able to view the status of individual content in Skyword360.


Now the marketers can use Skyword360 to capture story ideas from internal and external team members and implement them in the content. The collective creativity of all the team members can be engaged in this process. The marketers can also customise the content templates and workflow to create, edit and review a rich content.


The marketers can now preview and publish their content across multiple channels to engage customers everywhere. In this way, Skyword360 would abolish unwarranted silos between content creation and distribution.


With Skyword360, the marketers can now develop personalised audience experience by designing customised recommendations for the target customers in their e-mails, newsletters and websites.

 So, these were the few ways by which Skyword360 can help the marketers develop quality content to attract target audiences

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