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Why Marketers and IT Experts Need to Work Together

Marketers and IT Experts

Unfortunately, many companies hold their marketing department as a liability than an asset, costing the company more money than they return. However, the fault lies not with the marketing department, but with the way they are made to do their job.

The success of a business venture is not the outcome of the efforts of a single individual but the collaborative effort of a group of individuals, each having their own set of responsibilities. Studies show that companies which encourage their Chief Marketing officers or CMOs to work in collaboration with the technical experts fare better on average than their competitors who do not.

The creative knowledge of the marketers paired with the technical prowess of the IT expert helps in tapping the unlimited potential that well-constructed marketing schemes have to offer. In place of the infamous “spray and pray” marketing technique of the past, the more technological-savvy marketing techniques focus on a more targeted audience that increases the response rates exponentially.

When the technical and the creative branches of the company get together and work on the same project, it produces a more cohesive bond and results in marketing schemes that are more holistic and personalized. It takes the innovative aspects of marketing and pairs it efficiently with the knowledge of precision and accuracy offered by the IT experts.

This procedure also helps to save countless hours that are spent on deliberating and deciding on the right technique and slashes the production hours to almost half. While successful companies claim that they encourage a collaborative effort of different teams like Finance, IT and marketing to help come up with new and more efficient marketing ideas, the less successful organizations still adhere to the older ways where there is little to no interaction between the different sectors.

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