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Winning by Design Launches New Customer Success Operating Model

The new curriculum and refreshed courses fill a gap in the SaaS sales industry and unifies GTM teams around a model designed specifically for SaaS organizations

Winning by Design (WbD), the leader in accelerating and optimizing recurring revenue for B2B organizations, is launching a new Customer Success (CS) Operating Model and has updated multiple courses across its global Revenue Academy, including Skills Coaching, Selling into Enterprise Accounts, Account Management for Growth, and Prospecting for Impact; all courses directly tie to its signature Bow Tie Model.

“The new and improved curriculum delivers effective strategies to ensure that GTM teams are operating with the latest methodologies and frameworks to drive recurring impact for clients and ultimately recurring revenue,” said Dominique Levin, CEO at Winning by Design. “Existing sales playbooks and the popular sales funnel or other sales process representations ignore 90 percent of your customer journey. Instead, The Bow Tie Model and associated Recurring Revenue Operating Model provide step-by-step blueprints for sales and customer success teams in SaaS and other B2B recurring revenue organizations.”

New Customer Success Operating Model

Most SaaS and other B2B revenue teams are maniacally focused on new logos while ignoring massive untapped profits in the existing customer base. And most Customer Success teams don’t receive enough budget and lack an industry-standard framework to align with their sales and marketing counterparts. With a cohesive operating model, CS teams can finally reach their potential, drive sustainable growth, and profit from their existing customer base by using one common language with Sales and Marketing.

The addition of the CS Operating Model answers the call of SaaS organizations by providing CS teams reliable and proven frameworks in a complete system to align teams. It includes new CS blueprints, turn-by-turn directions for CS teams, and how to apply them across Onboarding, Adoption, and Expansion. The new CS Operating Model is designed for CROs and VPs of Customer Success who need to drive additional revenue growth.

“In this economic climate, it is advantageous for companies to focus on expanding existing customer revenue, where they see higher conversion rates at a lower cost,” added Beth Yehaskel, CS Revenue Architect at Winning by Design. “By focusing on these upsell and expansion opportunities, companies can increase their revenue from existing accounts by more than 40 percent.”

The CS Operating Model can also be embedded directly into a rep’s workflow, via launch partners such as Aircover, a real-time, in-meeting coaching platform for sales reps and CSMs.

“Aircover has virtualized WbD’s leading scientific approach to recurring revenue into a real-time, in-meeting playbook. We’re thrilled to surface this unified SPICED™ methodology across sales and customer success directly via our in-meeting coaching software,” said Andrew Levy, Co-Founder and CEO of Aircover.

Course Expansion & Updates Reflect the Needs of SaaS Organizations

The updated courses in the WbD Revenue Academy yield a modern and unified approach, all centered around WbD’s First Principle of Growth: Recurring Revenue is the Result of Recurring Impact. These updates allow teams to increase revenue without adding employees by improving productivity per rep and employee lifetime value, thereby driving more sustainable, profitable growth. Revamped courses include:

  • Skills CoachingSkills Coaching ensures the highest possible ROI on training investments. These ongoing coaching sessions can be used to improve specific skills and drive immediate revenue by helping reps practice and truly master new skills with hands-on use and active coaching on real customer scenarios. The updates include defined skills coaching for individual contributors and managers, and an upgraded skills coaching curriculum customized to each team’s pain points.
  • Selling into Enterprise Accounts: This course addresses the unique skills needed for senior sales leaders selling into Enterprise accounts. The curriculum covers skills and tools for managing complex sales processes, non-linear and lengthy sales cycles, and complex stakeholder maps. The modernized course provides a proven and repeatable sales process, and dives deeper into Provocative Selling and how to apply it. This course was created for CROs, VPs of Sales, and other sales leaders focused on the enterprise.
  • Account Management for Growth: This streamlined course is crafted to equip Account Managers (AMs), Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and any other roles responsible for customer renewals, expansion, and growth with a framework for how to drive growth from existing customer accounts. Informed by the new comprehensive CS Operating Model, the course outlines proven best practices for growth planning, account expansion, and securing deals. It also includes new videos by CS SMEs on topics such as how to build strategic plans for growth, how to expand relationships and secure expansions, and how to secure new deals from existing customers.
  • Prospecting for ImpactA lot has changed in the prospecting landscape. That’s why this course has been modified to align with the market needs of today, including modern prospecting methods, tools, and motions. This course teaches the fundamental skills needed for successful targeted prospecting, including customer-centric communication techniques using popular tool stacks, and best practices for maximizing prospecting time. The course includes new modules, videos, and blueprints, and is appropriate for customer-facing SDRs and BDRs.

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