Digital Marketing Agency, fishbat, Discusses the Benefits of Working with Micro Influencers

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In order to help brands tackle business growth with a holistic advertising plan that covers every angle, digital marketing agency fishbat discusses the benefits of working with micro influencers.

While huge brands can employ the services of major celebrities to promote their products, the average business doesn’t have the resources to pay such recognizable names. Micro influencers still have a significant reach and devoted followers, and represent a much more cost-effective way of expanding a brand’s reach.

Below are just a few of the reasons why micro influencers can be a great addition to any comprehensive marketing plan.

Excellent User Engagement. A huge celebrity name behind a product may do wonders for brand awareness, but while these figures have millions of followers they don’t have an active relationship with nearly any of them. Micro influencers have fewer followers, but they have much more clout behind their opinions within their respective groups. By working with key voices in the demographics a company is trying to reach, they can employ the services of a person with an active following that they continue to engage on a daily basis. A micro influencer will shoulder a lot of the heavy lifting for a company due to their established user base that hangs on their every word.

Cost-Effective Marketing. Micro influencers are a valuable niche, because while they have a significant audience, they aren’t recognizable to the point where employing their services will be cost-prohibitive. When one takes into account the engagement mentioned above and the low cost of entry, it’s quite easy to see that micro influencers are an incredibly cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and tap deeper into key markets.

Specialized Niches. There are influencers in almost every industry imaginable. When a business has a specific product that they’d like to market and makes an effort to seek out big names in these small spaces, it’s possible to micro-target advertising down to an incredibly specific level. It’s an excellent way to take advantage of the specificity of social media and provides an alternative to traditional paid ads; and, it can be significantly more effective.

Increased Authenticity. Tying in with the user engagement benefit above, advertising from influencers toward their audience comes across as more authentic than traditional advertising. Consumers are more resistant to marketing than ever before, and taking steps to explore advertising avenues that increase brand awareness without coming across as stilted can go a long way toward creating continued growth. Micro influencers are trusted names in their community, and a recommendation of a certain product backed by their name is more than worth the initial investment.

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