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Xandr Partners with Lasso to Power Omni-Channel Marketing Solutions

As pandemic continues to upend traditional healthcare touchpoints, new technology platform optimizes reach and measurement of both established and previously untapped digital channels
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Lasso, the first and only omni-channel platform for healthcare marketing and analytics, and Xandr today announced a strategic partnership to simplify the way marketers plan, activate, and measure their Healthcare Provider (HCP) and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) campaigns.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically disrupted sales rep, physician, and patient touchpoints, causing the entire healthcare industry to quickly adopt online tools, resources and communication. To adapt to this new environment, healthcare and pharmaceutical marketers have had to increase their digital advertising budgets significantly, with spend growing over 14% in 2020 and expected to surpass $11 billion in 2021.

In order to drive return on this investment, marketers need the ability to reach audiences at-scale in a cost-effective, measurable way. Lasso solves for this by providing a single unified workflow that streamlines media planning, activation, and measurement across programmatic, social, email and Connected TV.

“When we looked at the ecosystem, we saw that it was riddled with fragmentation, legacy technology, and companies taking outrageous margins. We’re here to change that. From RFP to ROI measurement, Lasso gives marketers every tool they need to do their job smarter, cut costs, and drive meaningful results, all within a single platform. Xandr’s heritage of building powerful, flexible technology and our shared belief in creating a more transparent and efficient media supply chain make them an ideal partner for Lasso,” said Mike DiNorscio, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Lasso.

Lasso’s proprietary identity solution coupled with Xandr’s programmatic infrastructure has created the new standard for HCP marketing. Healthcare marketers can now match 99% of HCPs on their target list and actively reach an average of 80% of those targets with tailored messaging. Daily physician-level reporting is then built into every HCP campaign at no additional cost.

“Lasso has been a great partner for driving results in our healthcare marketing campaigns. Utilizing the Lasso platform has allowed us to activate HCP campaigns with scale and efficiency,” said George Tarnopolsky, VP Programmatic, CMI Media Group. “Lasso’s partnership with Xandr is the best of both worlds: leading omnichannel reach of Xandr, coupled with Lasso’s turnkey capabilities and 1:1 reporting created for the healthcare space.”

Advanced reporting and built-in measurement capabilities mean marketers can see the real-world impact of their campaigns without ever leaving the platform. Lasso correlates ad exposure to script performance (NRx, TRx, NBRx, Dispensed, Rejected, Reversed, etc.) and isolates the net impact of campaigns by comparing exposed populations to a pre-defined control group. All of this is visualized in Lasso’s platform, making it easy to optimize campaigns in real-time and maximize ROI.

“DMD is honored to have been selected as the HCP data partner powering the Lasso and Xandr collaboration with top-quality, authenticated, consent-based HCP data. As the leader in healthcare identity data and technology, DMD knows the market will benefit greatly from this strategic partnership, enabling 1:1 HCP activation and measurement across programmatic, social and email,” said Tighe Blazier, President of DMD Marketing Corp.

Lasso partners with the Xandr Invest DSP for its powerful machine learning-based optimization tools, fully customizable API architecture and direct connections to premium media publishers and distributors. This partnership highlights the continued diversification of spend through the Invest DSP platform, which grew 45% in the U.S. in 2020.

Lasso also plans to extend the value of its unique offerings to pharma and healthcare buyers who choose to purchase media through other DSPs. Xandr’s Curate enables Lasso to layer its audience data onto premium inventory and make it available to any DSP integrated with Xandr’s marketplace, one of the largest omnichannel, global supply exchanges. Lasso will then be able to provide the same level of 1:1 physician-level reporting available through its platform directly, drastically growing the addressable market for their cross-screen, closed-loop HCP advertising solutions.

“Xandr’s strategic partnership with Lasso creates a one-stop-shop for pharma and healthcare brands as well as agencies to seamlessly plan, activate, and measure their HCP and DTC campaigns across formats and channels,” said Allison Sanbongi, VP, Strategic Accounts, Xandr. “As COVID-19 disrupts business-as-usual, we’re offering an optimized workflow for marketers who need to reach valuable audiences in real-time and maximize the value of their ad spend.”

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