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YouWorld Announces Mobile App to Reach out to Chinese Independent Travelers

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YouWorld Inc announces the launch of YouWorld Content Distribution Toolkit (CDT) which is a trackable and customizable marketing solution that helps Chinese retailers to use travel and lifestyle mobile apps to publish and distribute content. In this way, the retailers would be able to connect with the Chinese travelers using the mobile app.

This joint venture was announced at the Travel and Retail Marketing Tech Seminar which was held at the University of Southern California. The business experts suggest CDT is YouWorld’s approach to bringing retailers cost-efficient online-to-offline marketing solutions. YouWorld Service Platform supports CDT in the distribution of promotional offers automatically to a number of Chinese customers with the help of Chinese travel and lifestyle mobile apps like Dianping, MaFengWo, and WeChat. CDT also connects the brands own marketing channels like WeChat Official Account, WeChat Mini Program and websites with the customer bases at the stores.

YouWorld Co-Founder and CEO Yuanbo Wang expressed, “Despite Chinese travelers’ widespread use of mobile devices for shopping, there is often a disconnect between their online experiences and offline interactions with retailers. Our mission is to close that gap by creating a centralized platform for retailers to distribute branded content and track the results.” He further added, “YouWorld’s new Content Distribution Toolkit allows us to map a consumer’s interactions with branded content at every step of the travel journey, from pre-trip research to in-store visit and transaction.”

YouWorld recently hosted a seminar with the Alipay Americas and USC Viterbi Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship to bring together different brands and other important constituents in the travel and retail industry to share their ideas and practices with the Chinese travelers. Marketing professionals from renowned retailers and brands like Caesars Entertainment, DFS, Simon, Beverly Center, CTrip and e-influencers Jason Chen, Mok were present at the seminar. The YouWorld CDT is at present available only to retailers and brands in the U.S. The company plans to extend their reach to other European countries as well. Currently, the app is available only in English and Chinese. It would be developed in other important languages as well.


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