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Alida to Launch World’s First CXM and Insights Platform

Alida CXM integration augments the Alida platform to become the complete solution for improving customer experience
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Alida (formerly Vision Critical) is set to launch Alida CXM in their Fall ‘20 release on October 20, 2020, transforming the Alida platform into the world’s first CXM (Customer Experience Management) and insights platform. The Fall ‘20 release will also include the new Alida Analytics product and other core enhancements for existing Alida products, designed to further increase efficiency and ease in uncovering customer truth.

The integration of Alida CXM into Alida’s platform will provide brands a unique end-to-end solution to uncover deep insights, engage with customers globally, and close the feedback loop through effective CXM.

“It is important, but not enough, to capture insights about your customers. Brands must take uncovered customer truths and put them into action to build meaningful relationships,” said Riaz Raihan, President of Products at Alida. “With Alida CXM, our customers can unlock meaningful insights from their customers and manage, monitor, and optimize millions of customer experiences.”

Alida CXM

Alida CXM helps brands elevate their customers’ experiences. Working in seamless integration with Alida Sparq and Alida Touchpoint, brands have the power to tap broad feedback and uncover deep insights from their customers, and then put that feedback into action in real time. Designed to close the feedback loop, Alida CXM takes in customer feedback to provide automatic actioning based on a configurable rules engine. It then updates case management for visibility across customer-facing teams, giving brands confidence that every customer experience is being optimally managed and monitored.

Alida CXM integrates seamlessly across the Alida platform to provide a comprehensive solution, including:

  • Alida Surveys – captures broad customer feedback globally
  • Rule Engine – triggers automatic actions such as automatic emails based on specific survey responses, to ensure prompt attention by customer representatives
  • Case Management – integrated to create cases automatically in Salesforce and other platforms
  • Alida Analytics – provides dynamic dashboards to Alida CXM users and stakeholders, including a case management dashboard and an NPS dashboard to report NPS trends over time

“Alida has differentiated themselves in an over-saturated market, not only through their new brand, but also with a platform transformation that connects broad customer feedback with targeted deep insights to turn the voice of customers into unique experiences,” said Alan Webber, Vice President of Customer Experience Management Strategies at IDC. “Companies that want to deepen relationships and improve experiences with their customers need a contextual understanding of why customers feel the way they do so that they can instantly act to optimize customer experiences. Alida has built an end-to-end solution to help brands do just that.”

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