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Are Chatbots The Future of Marketing?

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Marketing experts constantly need to come with innovative, cutting-age marketing schemes for the purpose of reeling in more customers and at the same time, keep them engrossed. One such marketing scheme is the chatbots that have revolutionized marketing technology and gained immense popularity in the recent years with more than 57 percent of companies claiming to use the technology. Chatbots have the potential to attract a vast majority of customers, owing mostly to their technological gimmick.

However, many experts warn caution against investing in chatbots. The technology, in no way, is a replacement for human capital. Chatbots lack the knowledge and common logic that is possessed by average human beings. Chatbots, by definition, are imperfect at their first launch. The technology is constantly evolving with time and with every conversation. However, they still lag behind humans in key factors. Chatbots are incapable of comprehending colloquial terminologies.

It is advised that companies launch a chatbot with a specialized program or a plan rather than just for the sake of launching one to attract the gaze of the audience. Similarly, it is also true, that one should not put too much expectation on the chatbots for their innate imperfect nature. It is wise not to exaggerate the return on investment (ROI) on the technology.

Even with the drawbacks, chatbots can be viewed as an imperfect prototype for a futuristic gizmo. Not only is it a convenient way to reach your audience but it is also efficient in cutting the volume of your call center. It is an efficient way to increase your leads and provide a well-planned scheme to manage your customer service. The need for chatbots ultimately depends on the feasibility of the company and its consumers. However, the company must educate themselves and their customers on the performance level of the technology and adjust their expectation levels likewise.

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