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CDP Leader Optimove gives a 2020 Roundup ahead of Christmas

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Enterprise CDP Leader Optimove gives a roundup of the top 12 happenings that occurred this 2020! Sit back and hop on to their exciting martech journey

Remember when we all waited for December 21st, 2012, to see if the Mayans successfully predicted the end of the world? So, apparently, a few scientists claim we calculated the Mayan calendar wrong, and that 2012 is actually, you guessed it – 2020.

We’ll take our chances that nothing world-ending will happen in a coming couple of weeks to summarize the 2020 content you loved the most right here and now. Living on the edge we are.

So, here it is – by category.

First, we had the big universal dilemmas:

  • Should you build or buy marketing technology?
  • Does using control groups mean leaving money on the table
  • And where are you positioned on the CRM manager’s evolution curve

Second, everything realtime was a very popular topic.

  • We examined the importance of contextualizing real time player marketing in two parts
  • And asked, can marketers only rely on real time data?

broken journey and the customer-led journeys.

  • Especially the video which many of you watched

Along the way, you could not get enough of COVID-19 related insights.

  • Such as the “Let Maslow’s Pyramid Guide Your CRM Strategy Now” piece
  • And the “Customers in Times of Crisis: Even Less Rational than Usual” one

Finally, as always, you loved the stuff our Strategic Services team came up with. Things like:

  • An analysis on the relations between returning products and returning customers
  • A blog on how discounts affect customer lifetime value
  • And a guide on taking your email deliverability to the max.

These are 12 links, for 12 months, of one year. A year that no one will ever forget.

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