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MailerCheck: Finding Hidden Dangers in Subscriber Lists Before Sending “Christmas Greetings” Emails

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As shopping volumes gradually expand over the days leading towards Christmas, businesses can take this opportunity to increase their revenue by engaging with potential customers. However, to effectively reach the entire email subscriber list, their email deliverability rates should be at their all-time high. To make that happen, email validation tools, such as MailerCheck,  assist businesses in cleaning their email lists by removing invalid emails and ensuring good email deliverability.

The most important shopping holidays of the year are only a month away and it is high time newsletters, Christmas greetings, and offers are prepared to be sent out to the email subscriber list. However, there might be some dangers hidden in the email subscriber lists, especially those purchased illegally with the intention of sending out Christmas promotions. It has been determined that marketing email subscriber lists decline by 20-30 % annually while 15 % of emails are not delivered at all. Therefore, a list with older email addresses can pose a number of challenges: the chances of email deliverability decrease, the email campaign is less cost-effective, and the subscribers may not even be reached.

To get the most out of an email marketing campaign, it is important for businesses to make sure the emails are actually delivered and their accounts are not facing the risk of getting suspended on email marketing platforms. Email verification and list cleaning tool MailerCheck help companies avoid the unnecessary dangers of an obsolete email list and are expected to improve email deliverability rates by up to 98 %.

“The higher your email deliverability rate, the better your overall email marketing performance and impact on your subscribers. To ensure improved email performance, we created MailerCheck with a focus on quality email lists over quantity to save businesses valuable time and resources, and at the same time, make their email lists composed only of the subscribers that matter,” says Ignas Rubežius, CEO of MailerCheck.

One very real danger of sending out emails to the entire list is email list decay which can occur for several reasons: the email account has been removed, the user or the company has changed their name and consequently, their email address, or the emails a business sends have been marked as spam by the recipients. Since it is extremely time-consuming for companies to clean long email lists themselves, it is essential for them to have convenient tools for this purpose.

Since people of varying computer skill levels use email lists, MailerCheck was created with ease of use in mind, meaning it is operated with minimum efforts, thus making it accessible for all. The operation of the tool requires three steps only: uploading an email list, waiting for MailerCheck to analyze and clean it, optimizing the list as per recommendations provided by the tool. “By cleaning obsolete and inactive email subscribers and leaving the remainder of the list as viable as possible, the chances of wasting time and marketing campaign resources become significantly lower,” adds Ignas Rubežius.

Another danger of unhygienic email lists is email bounces. Whether soft and hard (temporary or permanent respectively), they are sure to lower email deliverability rates and even incur a financial loss. Statistics show that email bounce rates should be kept below 2 % to avoid inducing marketing campaign costs, and if the number is higher, it means the email subscriber list used is ineffective. A cleaned list of subscribers is more likely to contain engaged users interested in the emails sent to them, provide optimal access to valid recipients, and upkeep satisfactory delivery rates.

A procedure, as important as email list cleaning should not be postponed to the very last minute. By preparing for the holiday season right away, companies are more likely to be successful in implementing their email marketing campaigns and effectively reaching their goals.

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