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Ceros Unveils Release 8

Design leader ushers in a new era of interactive content with total brand and product refresh

Recently, Ceros, the cloud-based design platform for interactive content, announced Release 8, the newest iteration of the Ceros creative ecosystem. Updates include a refresh of the three core platform suites—Studio, MarkUp, and Chartblocks, which now operate in one product ecosystem—and the addition of two new products: Inspect and Editor, which is coming later this month. These changes represent the most ambitious Ceros release to date and will transform the creative process as we know it.

“A vision as big as ours requires quite a bit of transformation,” said Simon Berg, CEO. “The redesigned Ceros ecosystem is the first step in that transformation. Now, Ceros products look like they belong together and act like they belong together. Each has its place within the creative process. By making them intuitive and integrated, it’s easier for designers and creative pros to work together to inspire, educate and empower.”

The new and improved platform serves as the first step toward a freshly unveiled company roadmap by introducing a comprehensive creative ecosystem, including The Studio, MarkUp, Chartblocks, Inspect, and Editor.

The Ceros Ecosystem
The Ceros ecosystem comprises five unique products and encompasses individual design tools created to encourage frequent, seamless creative collaboration, all blending into a frictionless suite of products.

  • The Studio empowers organizations to create rich, engaging experiences without the need for code. Release 8 marks the most substantial upgrade to the Studio to date, with a cleaner login and interface, more straightforward access, and streamlined admin capabilities.
  • Editor is a Studio add-on that allows any team member (even non-designers) to change assets without affecting the project’s design, freeing up designers to spend more time designing. (Coming in late October.)
  • MarkUp is a free visual feedback tool that allows users to leave comments directly on nearly any file type. With MarkUp 2.0, we’re introducing even more file types and two new paid tiers perfect for customers expanding their content creation.
  • Chartblocks enables users to create beautiful custom charts, transforming data from spreadsheets into shareable graphics. The platform has been completely redesigned and integrated fully into the Ceros ecosystem, making it more efficient and easier to use.
  • Inspect is a free tool that streamlines the handover process between designers and developers. It translates files from Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and Sketch into the specs and design assets developers need.

In addition to the updated product ecosystem, Ceros introduced a brand refresh across all its assets, from its website and logo to its educational and inspirational resources. Ceros’ updated aesthetic focuses on identity unification, tying together the company’s unique suite of products in a complete creative toolset.

The redesigned product suite is live for current customers, with Editor launching in October. For more information about Ceros, please visit

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