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China’s Henan province starts a new social media campaign

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China’s Henan province journeys to the west with social media marketing drive

The Chinese province of Henan has started a new social media marketing campaign in which it brings its rich history as the origin of ancient Chinese Huaxia civilization to international digital audiences.

The broad-brush campaign has been formulated by the Cultural and Tourism Department of Henan Province to position the region as a tourism magnet by bringing its landscapes and sociocultural history to foreign audiences through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The worldwide marketing strategy incorporates a blend of online and offline activity including custom #DiscoverHenan Twitter hashtags and graphics to build on the tourism board’s current 260,000 follower count.

In a statement, the tourism department wrote, “Thanks to the high efficiency and great outcome of the overseas social media platform, Henan tourism now has stepped into a new stage of cultural promotion. Targeted travelers become information providers of Henan. More creative spaces and values of tourist destinations of Henan are being discovered by travelers through various forms of social media sharing. By keep upgrading its global marketing strategy, Henan, the name of the ancient capital is expecting to be known by the world.”

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