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Customer Experience Automation Provider enhances its Platform

Marketers can finally close the technology gap created by legacy marketing solutions to create a true 360° customer view to champion the customer lifecycle
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ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), today announced it is expanding its platform capabilities to further enable marketers to engage with customers across all channels, and through the entire customer lifecycle.

The expanded capabilities include new marketing channels and integrations, and the ability to personalize web pages using customer data collected from multiple touchpoints throughout the customer journey. With this new functionality marketers can:

  • Create high-converting, interactive landing pages in minutes, with simple set up and easy-to-use templates. In an ongoing commitment to value, ActiveCampaign is now offering landing pages for free to all current customers as part of the company’s Customer Success Commitment. Current ActiveCampaign customers can learn more about the new landing page functionality and take advantage of the offer here.
  • Personalize any web page using data stored in tags, such as past purchases, shopping preferences, interests, demographics, and engagement data (Coming soon)
  • Automatically trigger push notifications and SMS messages based on any action taken during the customer journey via Twilio
  • Automatically trigger Slack notifications based on customer behavior (like when a customer subscribes to email, creates a support ticket, or writes a review)

ActiveCampaign’s CXA platform removes the barriers created by legacy email, marketing automation, CRM, and service and support solutions and helps businesses deliver a completely connected customer experience without forcing them into an all-in-one marketing solution. Rather than paying for functionality they don’t need, businesses can use ActiveCampaign to orchestrate personalized automations across their technology stack, and achieve true omnichannel engagement across email marketing, personalized websites, targeted Facebook ads, SMS, chat, and more.

ActiveCampaign connects customer engagement across all touchpoints, so every channel that is added to the CXA platform improves the ability to personalize customer experiences in every other channel. As more touchpoints are integrated, engagement efforts can be further personalized to improve relationships and outcomes.

“Marketing today goes beyond basic email marketing or marketing automation alone—it’s about influencing a strong, long-lasting relationship with every customer,” said Maria Pergolino, ActiveCampaign’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Marketers need to impact better customer experiences, drive up- and cross-sell revenue, increase engagement, and create advocates. We will continue to expand our CXA platform to help them deliver these results, whether they’re small business owners or large marketing teams, ensuring the customer stays the focus of their campaigns.”

“We engage with customers through a variety of channels, including our eCommerce site, blog, and e-learning workshops,” said Susan Studer King, Digital Content Director at Floret Flowers. “Prior to ActiveCampaign, it was impossible for our one-person marketing team to connect the dots to deliver a personal experience to every single customer. Because ActiveCampaign connects across Shopify, WordPress, and Kajabi, we can pull information from all of these platforms to better segment our communications in ActiveCampaign, so every customer gets exactly the right message at the right time—whether they are a first-time seed buyer, or a seasoned workshop attendee.”

With comprehensive CXA functionality, ActiveCampaign received the 2020 G2 Best Software Companies Award for its Marketing and Sales products. Marketers and businesses can start a free trial at, no credit card required.

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